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    Construction Simulator 3 review: Is it a realistic construction game?

    If you’ve ever fantasized about operating vehicles and machines to repair roads and build homes, now you can do so for free with Construction Simulator 3.

    Construction Simulator 3 overview

    Construction Simulator 3 is a simulation game set in an idyllic European town, featuring officially licensed vehicles by renowned brands such as Caterpillar, Liebherr, and CASE. With a vast map and diverse contracts, players can build and repair roads and houses, shape the city’s skyline, and expand their vehicle fleet.

    Construction Simulator 3 game highlights

    • Game Length: The players described game as relatively fun, long, and grindy, taking approximately 40-50 hours to complete. You should noted that money comes fast and plentiful, and there are ways to amass money quickly.
    • Achievements: The game includes achievement trackers, with only two missable achievements marked in the guide. The walkthrough provides detailed instructions on how to unlock achievements and complete missions efficiently.
    • Vehicles and Contracts: The game features over 50 vehicles from 14 brands and offers more than 70 challenging contracts, including tasks like road works, refurbishments, and construction of various structure.

    New features of Construction Simulator 3

    • Map: The game offers a 10km² map with three different districts: a village, an industrial area, and a modern town, allowing players to freely explore the open world between jobs.
    • Vehicles: It boasts over 50 vehicles by 14 brands, including machines for road works, earth moving, and construction purposes, providing a wide range of options for different tasks.
    • Contracts: With over 70 new contracts, players are required to demonstrate their skills and precision in various construction projects, from family homes to industry warehouses and skyscrapers.

    Pros and cons of Construction Simulator 3


    Visual Upgrade:

    Enhanced visuals and a more varied, pleasant German setting compared to its predecessor.

    Vehicles and Contracts:

    It offers over 50 licensed vehicles from renowned brands and more than 70 challenging contracts, providing a diverse and engaging experience.

    Game Length and Content:

    This game offers a lengthy, immersive experience with a wide range of missions and RPG leveling up system, providing a real incentive for players.

    Tutorial and Gameplay Features:

    Boasts an incredibly thorough tutorial and various gameplay elements that make it addictive and enjoyable2.


    Set in a lovely little city of Neustin with three distinct districts, offering a beautiful landscape and a wide range of contracts.


    Features an interesting blend of electric rock with guitar riffs, providing a unique and suitable soundtrack


    Controls and camera:

    Some users express difficulty getting used to the controls and camera, with the camera often ending up in a different position than intended, leading to frustration.

    Improvement over predecessor:

    Some players feel that the game didn’t add enough improvements over the previous title, making it less appealing.

    Guidance and direction:

    Inconsistencies in providing guidance and direction, as some tasks have clear indicators while others leave players to figure it out on their own.

    Missing features:

    Lacks building site chatter and clear indicators at times, and some players found themselves driving in the wrong direction frequently.

    Physics and PC availability:

    The game’s physics may need improvement, and some users wish for a PC version in the future.


    Construction Simulator 3 is a construction simulation game worth playing. The realistic graphics and operation feel give players a novel gaming experience. But you may get tired of repeating the same maps. Now, you can download it for free from Panda Helper and play Construction Simulator 3 using Panda Helper’s Speeder and Auto Clicker.

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