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    Coin Master Hack With Auto Spin: Set Your Fingers Free

    Panda Auto clicker is a tool in Panda Helper for players to set your fingers free. It can help players to automate repetitive tasks. So it is helpful in Coin Master Auto Spin.

    For example, in Coin Master Hack, we can use the Panda Auto Clicker to help us SPIN continuously.

    Panda Auto Clicker in Coin Master Hack is extremely easy to use. As long as you have downloaded Coin Master Hack from Panda Helper, you can enjoy the game with Panda Auto Clicker. Since Panda Auto Clicker works on iOS 14 and iOS 13 and does not require jailbreak.

    Follow the detailed tutorial of how to use Panda Auto Clicker in Coin Master Hack.

    How To Use Panda Auto Clicker in Coin Master Hack?

    1. Firstly, download and install Panda Helper. You can choose the VIP Version or the Free Version; when you choose VIP, you must purchase it first.

    how to download Panda Helper VIP

    2. Launch Panda Helper, and search for Coin Master Hack. Install it.

    Coin Master Hack

    3. Launch Coin Master, and you will see a panda’s head floating icon on the side of the screen. Tap on the icon.

    4. Search for Auto Clicker, and click Get. Go back to the game, and the toolbar of Auto Clicker will appear on the right side of the screen.

    Use Panda Auto Clicker in Coin Master Hack 1

    5. Tap on “+” to add a target and then drag the target cover on the SPIN button.

    Use Panda Auto Clicker in Coin Master Hack 3

    If you have added extra targets, you can delete them by clicking on the “-.”

    Clicking on the target also allows players to set different trigger intervals for each target.

    In other games that support Panda auto clicker, players can also set the swipe trigger with a third “finger” shaped feature.

    6. Click the “Play” button on the toolbar, and Panda Auto Clicker will automatically replace your finger and help you keep clicking SPIN.

    Use Panda Auto Clicker in Coin Master Hack 4

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