Jailbreak Tool unc0ver Released V6.1.1 to Fix All Known Issues

The unc0ver team has released a v6.1.1 update that fixes all known bugs and issues.

Following the latest iOS device jailbreak-related news, you must know that unc0ver jailbreak has been released for iOS 14 to iOS 14.3.
unc0ver jailbreak
This is also the first jailbreak tool that supports the latest iPhone 12/iPad, but the initial version of the jailbreak tool was later found to have various bugs and issues, and now, the unc0ver team has released a v6.1.1 update that fixes all known bugs and issues.

If you’re running the unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 14, be sure to update to the latest version, which not only brings a stable platform but also fixes all known issues. pwn20wnd shared the news on Twitter.

What’s New: unc0ver Jailbreak V6.1.1

Make Xcode debugging work on iOS 14 by patching an Apple bug that caused it to break after rebooting userspace.

  • Fix all known stability and reliability issues on iOS 14.
  • Fix the bug that shows different jailbreak settings when opening the unc0ver app in jailbreak state on iOS 14.
  • Add custom libkrw plugin to implement kernel read/write support for security researchers and developers on iOS 14.

As mentioned in the first point, these bug fixes and performance enhancements will prevent unexpected errors and crashes, random reboots, re-cycles, phones losing response, and more.

In order to update to the latest version, users should download and install the latest v6.1.0 unc0ver jailbreak tool and then follow the regular method of jailbreaking it all over again, which will apply the latest patch.

How to Download unc0ver Jailbreak

Panda Helper has signed the unc0ver 6.1.1; you can download unc0ver 6.1.1 from Panda Helper App.

How to install Panda Helper?

You can also visit the unc0ver page to get the latest version and some guides.

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