How to Install and Sign Unc0ver by Sideload Tool AltStore on iOS?

AltStore is an IPA sideloading tool developed by Riley Testut, just like Cydia Impactor. It allows us to use our computers to install AltStore on iOS devices and, using our Apple IDs install non-App Store apps (.ipa format) on non-jailbreaking iOS devices.
Cydia Impactor is no longer available from the end of 2019, so if you wondering how to install apps to iPhone/iPad on PC without Cydia Impactor? Yes, You've come to the right place. Follow the steps below you can use AltStore to sideload the installation of apps on iOS devices.


AltStore features:

  1. Automatic identification of device UDID.
  2. AltStore is only available for iOS devices with iOS12.2 and later.
  3. Support to sideload - Install apps to iPhone/iPad. It allows non-jailbroken devices to install non-App Store apps directly, like Cydia Impactor.
  4. PC configuration requirements: Windows 10 or macOS 10.14.4 and later.

How to sign and install Unc0ver app?

Preparation before using

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your PC, please do not install the version of iTunes on Microsoft Store.
  • Install the latest version of iCloud on PC.
  • When using AltStore, an Apple ID is required. sign in to the iCloud on your PC with your Apple ID.
  • Windows Firewall must allow AltServer to connect.

Step 1: install AltStore on PC

Visit the official AltStore, click "Windows" to start downloading the AltStore installation package, and follow the prompts to install AltStore.
Once the installation is complete, click on the "search-box" in the lower-left corner of your computer to search for and find the "AltServer" application.
When you launch it for the first time, a Windows Defender firewall alert will pop up, check both "Private and Public Network," and select "Allow Access." AltStore will be displayed in the Windows Taskbar.

Step 2: install AltStore on iPhone/iPad

Open iTunes on your PC and connect your iPhone to your computer via the data cable. If there is a pop-up prompt on your iPhone, click "Trust." Click the "Phone" icon in iTunes on your PC to go to the phone's details page.

In the "Options" area, check "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi," then click AltStore in the system notification tray, click "Install AltStore," and select your iPhone device.
At this point, you need to enter your Apple ID and password, click "Install" to start the process of installing AltStore on your iPhone. In a few moments, we will see AltStore on our iPhone desktop.
If you get an "untrusted" message when you launch AltStore on your iPhone or iPad for the first time, go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management, find your Apple ID, and trust it.

Step 3: install and sign Unc0ver by AltStore

Next we'll show you how to install apps on your iPhone that are not on the App Store using AltStore.

Use iPhone Safari to visit the official Unc0ver. tap on the “Open in AltStore” button, then tap on the “Open” button in the prompt.
AltStore will open to begin loading the unc0ver .ipa file, enter the same Apple ID you used above if prompted and then tap on the “Sign In”(you need to fill in your Apple ID and password to use AltStore for the first time)

AltStore will automatically install the IPA file for you, and it will appear in the Installed list below after successful installation.
Note: The process of installing the app on iPhone requires the PC to have AltStore running in the background and be on the same Wi-Fi as the iPhone; otherwise, it will report an error and fail to complete the installation.

AltStore Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why it says my Apps will expire in 7 days?
A: Apps signed with your Apple ID are only valid for 7 days. To avoid expiration, you can let your PC run AltStore while your iPhone and PC are on the same Wi-Fi and click "Refresh All" in iPhone AltStore to renew all the Apps.

Q: What Apps are available in the AltStore?
A: There is only one Delta available in the AltStore, you can sideload other Apps from the Files app or download Apps from 3rd party like Panda Helper.
Q: How can I download Apps (.ipa files)?
A: You can visit the Panda Helper Web and download many apps (IPA files) from there, including Hack Games and Tweak apps.

Q: Is it safe to log into my Apple ID?
A: AltStore requires your Apple ID to communicate with Apple's servers on your behalf to use your account to install Apps on your device, and AltServer does not store your Apple ID to the extent that it will often ask you for your account password. Finally, AltStore won't send your Apple ID to anyone.

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