How to Free Download Earn to Die 3 iOS Hack without Jailbreak

How are your driving skills? Can you drive your car to avoid the zombies chasing you wildly? Come and try to Earn to Die 3 Hack now! Let’s play an exciting game!

Earn to Die 3 iOS introduction

Earn to Die 3 iOS is an awesome racing game with a fantastic dessert and zombie survival theme. You own a mighty beetle, and you have to cross the vast desert – however, the only problem is that predatory zombies surround you! You can see a rescue helicopter in the distance, so you have to drive and dash through the zombies to reach it!

In the Earn to Die 3 Hack, each vehicle can be equipped with a roof ballistic weapon with limited ammo, as well as a front-cutting melee weapon. Their original purpose is to knock down zombies, so they don’t hit the player’s vehicle and slow them down or damage them later in the game. This likely inspired two power-ups in the CoC, Cannon, a ranged engagement weapon, and Spikes, a melee weapon that can damage and knock back vehicles.

What’s new updates in Earn to Die 3?


As you know, Earn to Die 3 is the third step in the series. So what’s the difference between Earn to Die 3 and the previous two? I will reveal the answer to you next.

Players control vehicles in an apocalyptic wasteland. Just like the name of this game, you need to do whatever it takes to make money in the game!

Earn to Die 1

In the original Earn to Die release, there were only limited maps. You must unlock the vehicle by purchasing it with money. You can equip various weapons such as fuel tank expansions, boosters, and even roof weapons that automatically attack zombies to strengthen your vehicle and survive longer. This version allows you to skip the upgrade.

Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 introduces an epic story mode five times longer than Earn to Die. With a richer street level, unlike Earn to Die, vehicles are unlocked after completing an area that is divided into levels, and older vehicles will be automatically disqualified upon reaching the final level. And the upgrade process cannot be skipped, and this game needs to watch more ads which some players have complained about.

Earn to Die 3

In Earn to Die 3, the game has been modified a lot. Players now have unlimited fuel in their vehicles and their boosters, and the map has changed to endless mode, which is even more thrilling than previous games. Zombies keep chasing and attacking your vehicles, in this version, zombies don’t just walk, they keep finding better vehicles to drive to chase you.

How to install Earn to Die 3 Hack unlimited money for free

Games in the Earn to Die 3 series are available for download in the app store. But Earn to Die costs $0.99 to download from the app store. If you want to download the Earn to Die 3 for free, you can download Earn to Die 3 mod apk from Panda Helper.

First open Safari and go to Panda Helper official website. Choose the free version to download, if you want a better version, you can choose to become a VIP. After installing Panda Helper, search Earn to Die 3 directly in Panda Helper, so that you can enjoy the Earn to Die 3 app for free.

earn to die 3 ios hack
earn to die 3 ios hack

Earn to Die 3 Hack mod apk features:

Earning money in this game is not an easy task, but it is the most important thing. Without enough money to upgrade your vehicle, you will fail the game. To deal with this, we found a version with a hack that lets you have more currency. Come and see Earn to Die 3 iOS hack features:

– Infinite Coins (Spend some/ Get some)

Coins are the base currency of this game. You can use coins to:
1.Spend 100 coins on the reels for one spin to get the prize machine
2.Use 50-9999 coins to buy skins

– Infinite Cash (Spend some/ Get some)

Cash is the more advanced currency in the game, they are used to:
1.Buy certain skins
2.Spin the carousel machine other than the prize machine
3.Purchase a vehicle
4.Refresh the challenge roster in the daily challenge

You can still download Earn to Die 3 hacked unlimited money version for free from Panda Helper in the same way as before.

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