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Industry review: Why Legend of Slime Idle RPG can stand out

The current state of the game industry is that gameplay tends to solidify, and innovation becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, game developers may keep digging deeper and deeper to create games on the same theme. The prerequisite for creating a deep game on a unified theme is to find a gameplay with good user retention data, or at least one that has been proven. For example, major manufacturers will enter the idle game in 2023. There is a Legend of Slime: Idle RPG which is performing well around the world.

Secondly, in the era of positive characters, there are too many stories of heroes challenging the demon king to save the world. Although hot-blooded, but ultimately let the player some fatigue. Therefore, the anti-hero, anti-hot-blooded theme of the game, there is no chance?

That’s how Legend of Slime: Idle RPG happened. Especially in the United States, Japan, Korea and other mainstream markets have a good performance. This game is the anti-hero theme. It has the weakest slime in each game as the protagonist, depicting a battle of Slime against humans.

Legend of Slime: Idle RPG stats situation

The iOS version of Legend of Slime: Idle RPG launched in July 2022. It began to rise in the rankings in late December 2022 after several months of version iterations.

Taking the data on January 4, 2023 as an example, Legend of Slime: Idle RPG entered the Top 10 of the App Store Free Chart in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Canada, and the United Kingdom. And it entered the Top 20 of the Free Chart in the United States and Germany.

In terms of the App Store bestseller list, although it does not have an extremely bright market performance, it also has a moderate performance in all major popular markets.

How to free download Legend of Slime: Idle RPG?

Legend of Slime: Idle RPG gameplay

The gameplay of the game can be guessed from the name. That’s right, it’s a placement RPG. The game opens with a comic strip that shows the background of the story. Humans attacked the village of Slime, taking away the lives and properties of many Slime in the village. So our protagonist rises up and decides to launch a counter-attack.

Below is the main interface of the game. The top half of the screen is the battle screen as well as various activity buttons. And the bottom half of the screen is the basic numerical value enhancement page. Every time you kill an enemy, you can get gold coins. You can use coins to strengthen the basic attributes of the protagonist. Although the consumption is low in the early stage, the demand for gold coins is very high in the later stage as the ability improves.

Legend-of-Slime-Idle-RPG-main interface

RPG gameplay in the game

As an RPG, it is definitely not possible to have only basic numerical development. As progress is made, players will unlock equipment, skills, companions and other system features one by one. Players can acquire and equip them through the lottery function. It is worth mentioning that equipment, skills, and companions not only provide attribute bonuses for those who wear them and those who fight on the field, but also provide “possession effect” bonuses. In other words, the more times you draw, the more passive attribute bonuses you will receive.

In addition to the basic quests on the map, the game also provides ways to obtain resources. Such as boss rushes, gold copies, and sweeping villages. Each time you enter you need to consume a key. And if you don’t have enough keys you can watch an ad to enter once for free.


Outside of combat, there is also a copy of mining to play. The copy setting is slime captured human captives and drove them to mine. The ore gained can be used can be researched, can improve combat abilities, or get mining related buffs.

The game goes into a special power saving mode/screensaver mode after being left for a while, which is also a very innovative design.

How does Legend of Slime: Idle RPG cash in?

Legend of Slime: Idle RPG uses a mixed cash-in model: in-app purchases and recharges. Inside purchases come in the form of basic diamond purchases, various pack purchases, and Battle Pass unlocks. It is worth mentioning that most of the packs in the game range from a few thousand diamonds to tens of thousands of diamonds, giving the player a sense of having made a fortune. The game will give players tens of thousands of diamonds in the early stage. So that players experience a large amount of consumption. There is a probability of causing players to follow the impulse to spend to recharge.


How Legend of Slime: Idle RPG is promoted?

According to big data, the top three markets for Legend of Slime: Idle RPG are Taiwan, the US and Japan, and the main delivery channels are FB News Feed, messenger, and Instagram.The recent popular video footage is a showcase of the gameplay, with combat effects at different levels to emphasize the exhilaration of upgrading.

The game’s Korean publisher, LoadComplete, doesn’t seem to be very well known. However, mentioning that they had developed Crusaders Quest, there should be a lot of people have an impression. The information shows that Crusaders Quest by LoadComplete production, NHN Entertainment publishing, in 2014 after the launch of a long period of time in the Korean region of the best-selling list of 20-40 position, and in 2015 to enter the Chinese market and received a lot of positive feedback.

Why anti-hero games have lasted so long

It’s not just anti-hero games, as long as the protagonist or the goal of the game is no longer the traditional “positive” values, then the game has the potential to do a lot of new things. In retrospect, in fact, these “anti-mainstream values” theme of the game is not a few.

For example, on steam, this Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager. The background of the game is set for players to join the “dungeon company”, the goal is to stop the invading heroes, defending the company’s property. Players can design their own defense patterns, place traps and monsters, and aim to defeat the adventurers. The game also adds roguelike elements and some elements of simulation management to further enrich the gameplay and fun.

Also on steam, Dungeons 3 has an anti-hero theme. The game combines construction, management and real-time strategy gameplay, the player in the game as the evil side, the early management, expansion of the town, to stop the attack of the adventurers, to defend the dungeon. After accumulating a certain amount of troops, they can attack the humans on the ground at night to get more resources.

Similar products include the Evil Genius series. The games all contain elements of management, construction, strategy, and combat. Players can take on a variety of uncommon roles and experience a variety of unique perspectives and game content for an interesting gaming experience. The first generation of Evil Genius was released in 2004 and has received 100% positive reviews over the past 30 days.

Game creation should look beyond positive stories

The thing about a title is that it’s really a generalization of what the player is allowed to experience. And traditional positive themes are limited in what they can do by political correctness, human moral standards, universal human values, and many other factors.

But by stepping outside of this type of theme, more tricks can be devised by using a villainous character, or even a non-human creature, as the theme and protagonist of the game. In this kind of theme, it is possible to violate all kinds of so-called positive energy, and design all kinds of less “positive” game content and gameplay. Players can also get a more fresh game experience, or even decompression, venting, destructive gameplay.

After all, most people are ordinary, morally constrained, and have never experienced the life of a bad guy/animal. So how the game is designed has its own rationale.

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Industry review: Why Legend of Slime Idle RPG can stand out
How to free download Legend of Slime Idle RPG and mod APK?

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