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    5 top Korean idle mobile games with high monthly earnings in 2023

    While Chinese game developers are still fighting to the SLG theme, Koreans are secretly targeting the increasingly popular idle mobile games. Third-party data shows that in the top idle games, South Korea has five products that perform well. They are “Legend of Slime: Idle RPG”, “Archer Forest: Idle Defense”, “Blade Idle”, and “IDLE Berserker: Action RPG” ” and “Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG”.

    Among them, “Legend of Slime: Idle RPG” generated more than 37 million yuan in revenue in December. Although “Archer Forest: Idle Defense” and “Blade Idle” were slightly behind, they also had revenue of 20 million and 16 million yuan respectively. The remaining The monthly turnover of the two models remains at the level of nearly 10 million. For a long time, the outside world has the impression that Korean game manufacturers can only make MMOs. Their sudden emergence in the idle genre is really eye-catching. This is a profile of small and medium-sized teams surviving in fierce market competition.

    The 1st idle mobile games – Legend of Slime: Idle RPG

    Korean game company LoadComplete independently developed this idle mobile game. Unlike similar games that tend to unfold the narrative from a human perspective. This game takes the low-level monster slime, which is common in JRPGs, as the protagonist. An alternative adventure where “slime defeats the invading humans and brings peace to the monster forest”.

    A small character transforms into a hero who protects his homeland. Such a reverse setting is hard not to arouse people’s curiosity. In addition, in order to expand the audience, the game also added a simple and cute painting style. This style has gained many fans in Japan and Taiwan, China.


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    In the game, the slime will automatically explore the horizontal map and automatically attack the human enemies. Attacking to obtain gold coin rewards. Players need to use accumulated gold coins to upgrade. Like attack power, health, health recovery speed, attack speed, critical hit rate, etc. For a detailed review of this game, please click: Why Legend of Slime Idle RPG can stand out

    The 2nd idle mobile games – Archer Forest : Idle Defense

    The game is self-developed by the Korean company MadMans. The world view setting of the game is quite simple. One day, the forest is suddenly invaded by various monsters. Players need to gather their cute archer friends in the forest to defend the forest together.

    Compared with the plot, the painting style and archery action of this idle mobile game are more attractive. In addition to the iconic rabbit character, there are also various cartoon animals. Like ducks, bears, foxes, cats, tigers, etc. in the game, which players can unlock through the plot process or recharge.

    idle mobile games Archer Forest - Idle Defense

    In terms of gameplay, the game adds a certain degree of synthesis gameplay based on the placement gameplay. Players can combine two arrows with the same number into a high-level arrow with a value of +1, and equip the high-level arrows to the rabbit to Get more powerful attacks.

    In addition, the game provides multiple grand maps and corresponding dungeons for players to explore and challenge. Furthermore, the game also has built-in BOSS challenges and other modes. Although these gameplay designs look similar to other idle mobile games, with the synthesis elements and magical and cute characters of this game, the appeal is much higher.

    The 3rd idle mobile games: Blade Idle

    Blade Idle is developed by mobirix. It tells the story of an ordinary herbalist who accidentally discovers a legendary sword and grows into a warrior. Although the story is a bit old-fashioned, the opening of the game is not sloppy. The game starts with a set of comics, which adds a lot of sense of immersion.

    In terms of gameplay, “Blade Idle” also changes from the horizontal board killing of monsters used in most placement games, but is fixed in a scene. The protagonist does not just perform mechanical and repetitive skill-casting actions in place, but jumps up and down to release a variety of skills and moves. At first glance, it gives people the illusion of an ARPG game, which is very “energetic” in appearance.

    Blade Idle

    In terms of numerical values, “Blade Idle” basically follows the same template as the placement game. Character attributes such as attack, attack speed, defense, and critical strike can all be upgraded through gold coins. At the same time, as the character’s level increases, new skills will be unlocked, making the fighting effect more gorgeous.

    The game does not use squad combat. Players can only control the protagonist from beginning to end. Therefore, in terms of krypton gold points, the game cannot rely on selling characters, but on selling skins. Players can recharge to purchase clothing to create personalized outfits. The clothing includes clothing from the Middle Ages, ancient times, and various popular elements, which can meet the individual needs of many people.

    I have to say that “Blade Idle” looks like an idle game, but its core is the MMORPG gameplay common in Korean mobile games plus the route of selling values ​​and skins.

    The 4th – IDLE Berserker : Action RPG

    This game, self-developed by CookApps, had the slogan of being comparable to ARPG when it was born. Judging from the actual performance, this game is indeed the game that is least like an idle mobile game among the five.

    In terms of presentation method, “IDLE Berserker: Action RPG” does not adopt the vertical screen style of traditional idle games, but a more immersive horizontal screen mode. On this basis, the development team also deliberately enriched the protagonist’s combat actions and combat effects. This was further supplemented by a very high-quality cartoon arcade style. The overall game feels very ARPG, and the monster-fighting experience is higher than similar competing products. A grade.

    In order to further consolidate the characteristics of ARPG, the game also adds the setting of releasing skills and ultimate moves. When the protagonist automatically fights monsters along the way, the skill ultimate icon will be charged and change from gray to bright. Once lit, the skills can be released automatically or manually. At this time, not only the character will release a set of gorgeous combos, but the entire screen will also change color, which looks very cool.

    The main point of spending money in the game is to buy weapons, armor and skins. The development team has dug deep into the equipment system, setting up a total of 7 levels from D to SSR, and each level has a star rating. Generally speaking, players have a high probability of getting C to A grade weapons and armor after drawing 10 times.

    The 5th – Idle Moon Rabbit: AFK RPG

    The developer of this game is AbleGames. In the game, players need to play the role of the guardian Moon Rabbit and embark on the road to fight against darkness in order to save the moon. Facing monsters coming from all directions on the map, players need to control the Moon Rabbit to move while finding the right time to release spells, quickly blasting groups of opponents into rubbish.


    The skill system of the game is very rich. Not only does it include different factions such as ice, fire, and darkness, but the skill characteristics and special effects performances of each faction are also different. For example, the fire system is more focused on output, the ice system is more focused on control, and so on.

    In order to adhere more closely to the RPG theme, this game adopts a horizontal screen design and also provides multiple character choices. Players can obtain them by drawing treasure boxes or unlocking them through the plot. At the same time, players can also draw skin decorations and powerful equipment for their characters by drawing cards. All in all, in terms of money, this game is basically the same as similar products.


    Looking back at these five idle mobile games, it is not difficult to find that they all have outstanding characteristics. First of all, they all have their own iconic art styles, which can catch the player’s attention immediately. In addition, they have all made innovations to a certain extent. It may be that the world view setting is unconventional, or the placement gameplay is combined with other gameplays. These innovations break the too simple settings of traditional placement game combat, making players more interested in downloading and playing Keep playing for a long time.

    In addition, these five idle mobile games have another important thing in common: they are all self-developed. The reason is not difficult to understand, because the market plate on which the gameplay is placed is too small. You know, even if they are as good as the above five games, the monthly revenue is only in the order of 10-30 million yuan. If the method of self-research and agency cooperation is not adopted, part of the revenue from the product will not only be given to the agent, but part of it will also be used to purchase the product. In the end, the revenue received by the developer will not be much. Therefore, only self-research and development can increase actual income as much as possible.

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    5 top Korean idle mobile games with high monthly earnings in 2023

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