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Match-3 games are puzzle games where the player needs to match at least three identical elements (such as gems, candies, or bubbles) to make them disappear from the game board.
The main objective is to clear a certain number of elements within a limited number of moves or a time limit. You can free download Fishdom game and many games like it from Panda Helper.

Fishdom game overview

Fishdom is a popular match-3 puzzle game that combines classic gameplay with a unique aquarium-building experience. Players complete challenging match-3 levels to earn coins and bonuses, which can be used to decorate and customize their virtual aquariums with a variety of fish, decorations, and accessories. The game features colorful graphics, engaging gameplay, and the ability to interact with friends by visiting their aquariums and exchanging gifts. With regular updates and new levels, Fishdom offers an immersive and relaxing gaming experience for players of all ages.

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fishdom game free

Free Games like Fishdom game


Homescapes is a popular mobile puzzle game where players help the main character, Austin, renovate his family’s mansion. Here are some key gameplay elements and features:

Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay: Players complete match-3 levels by swapping and matching pieces to earn stars and coins. These resources are used to complete tasks in the mansion renovation process.

Renovation Tasks: Players can use stars earned from completing levels to complete various tasks such as replacing old furniture, fixing broken items, and redecorating different rooms in the mansion.

Storyline: The game features a storyline centered around Austin and his family, adding a narrative element to the gameplay as players progress through different levels and renovations.

Power-Ups and Boosters: Players can use power-ups and boosters to help them complete challenging levels. These can include rockets, bombs, and rainbow balls that clear multiple pieces at once.

Social Interaction: Players can connect the game to social media to interact with friends, compete in events, and send lives and gifts to each other.

Events and Challenges: Homescapes regularly features events, challenges, and special levels that provide additional rewards and keep the gameplay experience fresh and engaging.

Overall, Homescapes offers a mix of match-3 puzzle gameplay, home renovation tasks, and a compelling storyline, making it a popular choice for players looking for a casual and immersive gaming experience on mobile devices.

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Gardenscapes is a mobile puzzle game where players renovate a garden by completing match-3 levels and solving puzzles. Some key features of the game include:

  • Match-3 Gameplay: Players solve match-3 puzzles to earn stars, which can be used to complete tasks in the garden renovation process.
  • Renovation: Players can decorate and renovate different areas of the garden, such as fountains, mazes, and more, by choosing from various customization options.
  • Storyline: The game follows a storyline where players interact with in-game characters and learn more about the history of the garden.
  • Power-Ups: Various power-ups and boosters can be earned or purchased to help players overcome challenging levels.
  • Social Interaction: Players can connect with friends, visit their gardens, and participate in in-game events and challenges.

Overall, Gardenscapes offers a blend of match-3 gameplay, garden renovation, and storytelling, providing players with a relaxing and engaging experience.

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Township is a popular mobile city-building and farming game that offers a unique blend of city-building and farming simulation. Here are some key gameplay features:

City Building: Players can build their dream town by constructing various buildings such as factories, restaurants, cinemas, and landmarks. They can also decorate their town with gardens, statues, and other decorative items.

Farming: In Township, players can grow crops, raise animals, and harvest resources to support their town’s economy. They can plant and harvest crops, produce goods in factories, and sell them to earn coins and experience points.

Trade: Players can trade goods with other players through the in-game market to expand their town and complete orders. Trading is an essential part of the game as it helps players acquire rare items and resources.

Events and Competitions: Township regularly hosts special events and competitions where players can compete with others to earn rewards and special decorations for their town. These events add variety and excitement to the gameplay.

Social Features: Players can join co-ops, chat with other players, and participate in regattas (team-based competitions) to collaborate and interact with the Township community. Social interactions enhance the gameplay experience.

Expansion: As players progress in the game, they can unlock new areas to expand their town, discover new islands, and access more resources. Expansion allows players to customize their town further and increase their productivity.

Overall, Township offers a fun and engaging experience for players who enjoy city-building, farming, and social simulation games. Its combination of different gameplay elements makes it a unique and enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

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Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons is a popular mobile puzzle game that combines match-3 puzzles with merging gameplay. Here are some key features of the game:

Match-3 Puzzle Mechanics: Players match three or more identical objects to clear them from the board and earn points.

Merging Objects: In Merge Dragons, players can merge objects on the board to create new and more powerful items. By merging three identical objects, players can create a higher-level object.

Dragon Breeding: Players can collect dragon eggs, merge them to hatch adorable dragons, and then evolve them into powerful creatures. Dragons can help players on their journey by harvesting resources and healing the land.

Exploration: The game features various levels and lands to explore, each with its own challenges and objectives. Players can discover new items, creatures, and treasures as they progress through the game.

Quests and Events: Merge Dragons offers daily quests, special events, and challenges that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. Players can earn rewards and bonuses by completing these tasks.

Building and Decorating: Players can use the objects they merge to build and decorate their camp. Creating a beautiful and functional camp is an essential part of the game.

Strategy and Planning: To succeed in Merge Dragons, players need to strategize and plan their moves carefully. Thinking ahead and making the right merges is key to overcoming obstacles and completing levels.

Overall, Merge Dragons offers a unique and addictive gameplay experience that combines puzzle-solving, strategy, and creativity.

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Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion is a popular match-3 puzzle game combined with home decorating elements. Players are tasked with completing challenging match-3 levels to earn stars, which can then be used to renovate and decorate a virtual mansion.

Key Features Include:

Match-3 Gameplay: Players must swap and match items to complete levels and earn stars.

Home Renovation: Use the stars earned from completing levels to renovate and decorate different rooms in the mansion.

Storyline: Follow the storyline and interact with various in-game characters as you progress through the game.

Boosters and Power-ups: Utilize various boosters and power-ups to help you overcome challenging levels.

Social Features: Connect the game to social media to play with friends, share progress, and compete on leaderboards.

Events and Challenges: Participate in special events and challenges to earn rewards and bonuses.

Daily Rewards: Log in daily to claim rewards and bonuses to help you progress in the game.

Overall, Matchington Mansion offers a fun and engaging experience for players who enjoy match-3 puzzles and home decoration games.

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How to free download game on iOS and Android from Panda Helper

Panda Helper is a third-party app store that allows users to download paid apps and games for free on iOS devices without jailbreaking. It offers a wide range of apps, games, tweaks, and other content that may not be available on the official Apple App Store. You can download all the Hack versions of the above games for free from Panda Helper.

The first critical step is that you need to download and install Panda Helper on your device. After successful installation, you can download these games like Fishdom game for free.

Homescapes Hack download for free

Gardenscapes Hack download for free

Township Hack download for free

Merge Dragons Hack download for free

Matchington Mansion Hack download for free

Free download game like Fishdom on iOS and Android
Download Fishdom cheats for infinite lives and moves

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