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    Guide to free download Stumble Guys game on Android and iOS


    Stumble Guys, a multiplayer party knockout game, was first released on February 12, 2021, by Scopely, on Steam, App Store, and Google Play. The game has become a popular pastime for many with its cute character designs and highly saturated colors. Read on to learn how to download Stumble Guys and play online for free.

    It even overtook Candy Crush Saga and Roblox to become the third most-downloaded game of 2022. Meanwhile, this game reached 773,000 users on the Discord community, more than 2x the size of its competitor Candy Crush Saga, which was released much earlier. All show that this game has unique fun that can’t be ignored.

    Stumble Guys poster

    Stumble Guys quick beginner guide

    The gameplay of this multiplayer party game is simple. Each round matches 3 random maps, 32 players are randomly matched with a map to start breaking through, and after passing a map, they can move on to the next random map. Players take on the role of the breakout variety show challengers, competing against each other to ultimately pass the level. Accordingly, the elimination mechanism is 32-16, 16-8, 8-win. The duration of a single map depends on the player’s skill to pass it, ranging from 1-2 minutes to 3-5 minutes, but the overall pace is fast.

    There are currently 24 maps in Stumble Guys, each with different items, themes, and scenarios, as well as slightly different rulers. At present, the game mode of all maps is divided into three categories: battles between camps; dodge survival passes, and various types of obstacle passes.

    What’s new in the latest version 0.61?

    The latest version of the game was updated on Nov. 23, 2023. Stumble Guys is back with something new! For more information about its news and bonus, you may want to follow @StumbleGuysGame twitter account.

    New game mode:

    Get ready to explore under the sea in the new SpongeBob SquarePants map. Do not get caught for as long as you possibly can!

    new map in Stumble Guys

    New Features:

    • Stumble Pass Themes
    • The Stumble Pass will now have event-related themes
    • A new button to access the Stumble Pass will be added to the shop

    More new changes are waiting for you to experience! It is time to download and start this party game on your devices! Enjoy together with many friends!

    How to free download Stumble Guys on iOS and Android?

    It is worth mentioning that Stumble Guys supports cross-platform play, where mobile players can match with PC players and run, and battle together. The complexity and extension of the game’s operation are well controlled, and users can get the same joy and fun on all platforms. There are ways you can download and play the game for free, but certainly, different versions have various features.

    From the App Store or Google Play Store

    There is no need to introduce how to download games and apps from the App Store or Google Play Store here. However, it is important to note that downloading from the official app stores is not the same as downloading from Panda Helper. Keep reading!

    From Panda Helper

    Panda Helper is a third-party app market that offers plenty of modded apps, and cheat games to download. Besides, VIP members have much more options and better gaming experiences. You can download Stumble Guys Mod for Android and the original version of Stumble Guys on iOS for free here.

    The download steps are quite simple:

    1. Visit the official Panda Helper website, choose iOS or Android based on the system you want to launch Panda Helper on your phone.
    2. After loading Panda Helper on your phone, search for the app name to download and install your preferred app.

    Mod features of Stumble Guys Mod

    • Unlock Emotes
    • Unlock Footsteps
    • Unlock Skin
    • No ads

    How to download and play Stumble Guys on PC?

    The game is available for free on iOS, Android, and Steam! Also, you can download Stumble Guys on your PC for free. Additionally, download the mod APK from Panda Helper and install it with an Android emulator on Windows.

    FAQs about Stumble Guys downloading

    Q: Is Stumble Guys an online game?

    Yes. You will play with 31 other players online, fighting to be the winner by dodging tons of obstacles in each scenario.

    Q: How many people can play Stumble Guys?

    Up to 32 people can play together at once.

    Q: How do I unlock everything in Stumble Guys on Android?

    Unlocking everything in the game on Android is only possible by winning games. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to buy any resources, download the Stumble Guys mod APK on Panda Help to unlock all the skins.

    Q: How big is the Stumble Guys APK for Android?

    Its APK is about 180 MB. Therefore, this game takes up much less space and can be installed on any mid-range smartphone now.

    On mobile platforms alone, Stumble Guys has accumulated over 300 million downloads worldwide. Let’s join millions of players and win in this fun multiplayer knockout battle royale! Ready to run follow the crowd? Run, trip, fall, jump, and win has never been so much fun!

    Guide to free download Stumble Guys game on Android and iOS
    Play Stumble Guys online: gameplay and tips for fast level-up

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