Sideloadly Alternative Free Sideload IPA by AltStore for iOS

Altstore is a wonderful choice of Sideloadly alternative. If you're wondering how to sideload IPA for iOS for free, then you've come to the right place.
As we known, Sideloadly is a signing tool for working with iOS mobile devices, it helps us install third-party apps (.ipa files) into our iOS devices. This process of installing the IPA files using the Sideloadly app is called sideloading.
But Sideloadly can't check the expiration time of the app, nor can it refresh the valid time of the app in the background via WIFI. So Altstore is a great alternative.
Altstore supports Windows, as well as Mac, this is very convenient for the user. I will show you in detail how to use AltStore to sideload IPA files on iOS devices for free.


What is AltStore?

AltStore is a Cydia impactor alternative tool which is used for signing IPA. Since Cydia impact no longer works, a number of similar tools have emerged, such as Sideloadly from iOSgods, Altdeploy, and AltStore from individual developers.
AltStore is not the only signing tool you know other than Cydia Impactor, but it has its own but absolute advantage. AltStore allows us to use our computers to install AltStore on iOS devices and, using our Apple IDs install non-App Store apps (.ipa format) on non-jailbreaking iOS devices. After you try it, you will get to know it.

Things need to know before using AltStore

Currently AltStore works on Windows (requires Windows 10) and macOS (requires macOS 10.14.4+) operating systems only.
No jailbreak required for iPhone/iPad. But AltStore is only available for iOS devices with iOS 12.2 and later.
The .IPA files signed by AltStore is for personal use only. And can only be installed on the device that has the same Apple ID as when signed.
Before using AltStore, you need to use an Apple ID. In order to ensure the security of the account and avoid being judged by Apple as a risk account due to frequent use, we recommend applying for an Apple ID separately for signing.

How to free sideload IPA by AltStore for iOS?

1. Prepared items:

  • Apple ID (account & password)
  • .IPA files

2. Install AltStore on macOS

Step 1: Download the macOS version of AltStore and launch the AltServer application. Click the AltServer icon in the menu bar and then click “the Install Mail Plug-in” option to install the mail plugin.
Step 2: Click the "Install Plug-in" button to install the plug-in in the pop-up prompt.
Step 3: Enter your Mac administrator password when required, enter it and click OK.
Step 4: When finished, AltStore will prompt you that you have installed the plug-in, then click "OK".
Step 5: Open the Mail application on macOS, click "Mail" -> "Preferences" in the top menu bar.
Step 6: Go to the “General” tab, then click the “Manage Plug-in” at the bottom.
Step 7: Check the checkbox next to "AltPlugin.mailbundle", then click the “Apply and Restart Mail”. Your Mac is now configured with AltServer of AltStore.

3. Install AltStore on iPhone

Step 1: Connect an iPhone or iPad with iOS 12.2 or later to your Mac using a data cable. Click the AltServer In the top menu bar and select "Install AltStore" -> “your device name.”
Step 2: When prompted as shown below, sign in with your Apple ID and click Install.
Then AltStore will then appear on your iPhone home screen.

4. Launch AltStore App on iPhone

Step 1: When you launch AltStore, if you get an "untrusted" message on your iPhone or iPad for the first time, go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management, find your Apple ID, and trust it.
Step 2: Launch AltStore, click "Settings" > "Account" > "Sign in with Apple ID", enter your Apple ID account password and sign in. AltStore can working on your iPhone or iPad, just like other Apps.

5. Sideload apps using AltStore

Panda Helper provides a large number of .IPA files, including hack games and tweak apps. You can download the .IPA files you want directly via Panda Helper.
Step 1: Use Safari on iPhone/iPad to access Panda Helper Free version, search for the app you want.
Step 2: Click on the button in the bottom right corner, and select "Download .IPA File to install" from the pop-up options. Once the download is complete, select the file you just downloaded, click the button in the upper right corner, and select “Open in AltStore.”
Step 3: AltStore will open to begin loading the .ipa file, enter the same Apple ID you used above if prompted and then tap on the “Sign In”(you need to fill in your Apple ID and password to use AltStore for the first time)
Step 4: AltStore will automatically install the IPA file for you, and it will appear in the Installed list below after successful installation.

AltStore Pros and Cons

Avoid the situation that Enterprise Certificates are suddenly revoked and apps crash. After all, your Apple ID doesn't revoke.
Ability to decide which app to install (IPA file), Panda Helper provides a large number of apps, You won't find these apps anywhere else.
No need to use the XCode method to sideload Apps (XCode is not suitable for regular users)
We are using AltStore to sideload Apps(IPA file) in the same way as Cydia Impactor without jailbreak.

You need to use your Windows or macOS during this process
You need to re-sign the Apps once in 7 days to continue using them (you can use the "Refresh All" method mentioned earlier to renew them)

AltStore Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long will I be able to use the sideloaded app?
A: If you are using a free Apple ID (developer Apple ID costs $99/year), Apple limits you to only 7 days of validity. To fix this, AltStore will periodically try to refresh your Apps in the background, and you can manually "Refresh All" your Apps from within AltStore at any time. Apps signed with a paid Apple Developer Account can last up to 1 year.

Q: Is it safe to log in to my Apple ID?
A: Apple ID is required to communicate with Apple's servers to use your account to install Apps on your device, and AltServer does not store your Apple ID to the extent that it will often ask you for your account password. Finally, AltStore won't send your Apple ID to anyone.

Q: What Apps can I download in AltStore?
A: There is only one Delta available in the AltStore, you can sideload other Apps from the Files app or download Apps from 3rd party like Panda Helper.

Q: Can I make In-App Purchases on sideloaded apps?
A: Unfortunately, no. Apple prevents In-App Purchases from working on sideloaded/enterprise installed apps. If you want to support the developers, You can only download the original App from the App Store and do In-App Purchases there.

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