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AI Dungeon, A Text-Only Text Adventure Game is Fascinating

Today, a unique AI text adventure game, “AI Dungeon,” is available for mobile players. It’s an AI-driven text adventure game with endless possibilities. Players can enter what they want in the game, and the AI will instantly generate a response, creating a wild experience, encouraging players to use their imagination and explore the fantasy-filled science fiction world through cooperation with AI.

ai dungeon

During the AI Dungeon, the AI takes a few seconds to process text commands, and the game will provide some valuable tips for novices, such as “Remeber to start your action with a verb” or “You can use quotes to speak”.

ai dungeon process text commands

At the beginning of the game, players can respond to corresponding instructions to participate in different themes and play different roles. The AI will automatically create the game scene, the player responds according to the plot, and the AI will automatically develop the plot. To complete the entire game, players need to cooperate with AI. As each player’s instructions are different, everyone will get a unique story, with a thousand AI Dungeons in a thousand players’ hands.

ai dungeon different themes

The game’s author is a self-driving car perception engineer named Nick Walton. Nick Walton states, “The text-adventure gameplay will never be out of date. Because everyone fights AI in different ways.” As mentioned before, before the game begins, the player chooses the plot setting and role. And AI generates a story background. In the game’s progress, the story background has always been used as the input model, so AI should not forget the initial settings. This way, no matter how wild the plot develops, it will not escape from the central premise. Every time we input an action, the model will output a new result based on the background segment and the previous data pairs consisting of multiple “actions + results.”

“Someone tells the NPCs in the game that they are in it. The NPCs are very frustrated and sad, making players feel realistic.” Walton also wanted to add other features after ensuring that AI Dungeon was faster and more stable, Walton said. Examples include multiplayer modes and home-friendly versions. He and his new colleagues have “bigger plans” in AI gaming but don’t say much now. AI Dungeon is just the beginning.

“AI Dungeon” is free in the App Store and Google Play.

AI Dungeon For iOS
AI Dungeon For Android

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