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Top 10 games like Super Stylist App for iOS 2024


If you enjoy fashion and styling games like Super Stylist and are looking for similar experiences on iOS, here are some games that you might appreciate:

1. Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is a mobile fashion game like Super Stylist that allows players to explore their sense of style and creativity. It’s available on iOS devices and offers a platform for fashion enthusiasts to engage with virtual styling and fashion challenges.


  • Dress-Up Challenges: Players participate in daily styling challenges that require creating outfits for various occasions, events, and themes.
  • Real-Life Brands: The game features clothing and accessory items from real-life fashion brands, providing an authentic and up-to-date fashion experience.
  • Voting System: After submitting an outfit for a challenge, other players in the community vote on the looks, and the highest-rated outfits win in-game rewards.
  • Wardrobe Collection: Players can build their virtual wardrobe with an extensive collection of garments and accessories.
Covet Fashion

Game Features:

  • In-Game Currency: The game utilizes in-game currency, such as diamonds and cash, which players can earn through challenges or purchase with real money.
  • Fashion Feed: A dedicated section where players can get updates on new challenges, styling tips, and trends.
  • Events and Contests: Regular events and contests keep the gameplay fresh and provide additional opportunities to showcase styling prowess.

Covet Fashion appeals to those who have a passion for fashion and enjoy the challenge of creating outfits that match specific themes and criteria. It’s a game that combines creativity with strategy, as players must manage their in-game resources effectively while staying on top of fashion trends.

2. Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is a mobile dress-up game that combines elements of role-playing, storytelling, and fashion. The game is known for its extensive wardrobe collection and detailed graphics, appealing to players who enjoy creativity and fashion design. Here’s an introduction to the game:

Love Nikki Dress UP Queen


  • Storyline: The game features an elaborate storyline where the player, as Nikki, embarks on a magical journey across seven nations with different sartorial styles, participating in various fashion battles along the way.
  • Styling Battles: Players engage in competitive styling battles against NPCs or other players, creating outfits based on specific themes or requirements.
  • Extensive Wardrobe: With thousands of clothing items to choose from. Players can mix and match different styles to create unique looks.

Game Features:

  • Story Chapters: Each chapter in the game’s story mode presents new challenges and introduces new characters and plotlines.
  • Events: Themed events offer limited-time opportunities to win exclusive items and outfits.

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is designed for players who appreciate fashion and storytelling, offering a vibrant virtual world to explore. The game is available on iOS and Android platforms and provides a blend of strategy, creativity, and collection as players work to become top stylists in the game’s universe.

3. Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy is a mobile game like Super Stylist that combines elements of fashion design and boutique management with role-playing game (RPG) mechanics. Players take on the role of a fashion designer and boutique owner, navigating the world of fashion while creating and selling stylish outfits. Here’s an overview of the game:

Fashion Fantasy


  • Fashion Design: Players create and customize outfits using a variety of clothing items and accessories.
  • Styling Challenges: The game features challenges where players must put together looks based on specific themes, trends, or customer requests.
  • Boutique Management: Players run their own boutique. They sell their designs and manage aspects of the business to grow their brand.

Game Features:

  • Crafting System: Players can craft new clothing items by combining existing ones, adding depth to the design process.
  • Events and Contests: Regularly occurring events and contests keep the gameplay fresh and provide opportunities to win exclusive items.

Fashion Fantasy is aimed at players who enjoy fashion, creativity, and the idea of running their own boutique. It offers a platform for expressing style, competing in fashion challenges, and engaging with a community of fashion lovers. The game is available on iOS and Android devices and provides a mix of casual gameplay with strategic elements related to fashion and business management.

4. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a mobile adventure game like Super Stylist that allows players to create their own celebrity and rise to fame and fortune under the mentorship of Kim Kardashian herself. The game is a mix of role-playing, fashion, and simulation elements, where players navigate the world of show business. Here’s an overview of the game:

Kim Kardashian


  • Create Your Star: Players start by customizing their own character, choosing their look, style, and gender.
  • Celebrity Lifestyle: The game simulates a Hollywood star’s life, including attending events, socializing with celebrities, and managing public relations.
  • Career Choices: Players can choose their path to fame, whether it’s through acting, modeling, or other avenues in the entertainment industry.

Game Features:

  • Celebrity Hangouts: Players can visit exclusive clubs, luxury homes, and other hotspots around Hollywood and the world.
  • In-Game Events: The game frequently updates with new events, challenges, and storylines to keep the gameplay experience fresh.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is designed for fans of celebrity culture and fashion, as well as players who enjoy games with narrative and role-playing elements. It offers a glamorous, albeit virtual, lifestyle where players can experience the journey of becoming a star. The game is available on iOS and Android platforms and has a strong social media component, encouraging players to share their achievements and styles.

5. Project Makeover

Project Makeover is a mobile game like Super Stylist that combines elements of fashion styling, interior design, and puzzle gameplay. Players are tasked with giving makeovers to clients and transforming various spaces. The game is known for its engaging match-3 puzzle mechanics, which are used to progress through the makeover challenges. Here’s an introduction to the game:

Project Makeover


  • Makeovers: Players help clients reinvent their looks through fashion styling, including clothing, hairstyles, and makeup.
  • Interior Design: Beyond personal makeovers, players also redesign clients’ living spaces, choosing furniture, décor. And themes to create a fresh look.
  • Match-3 Puzzles: To earn resources for makeovers, players solve match-3 puzzles. Successful completion of these puzzles grants coins and other items needed to perform makeovers.

Game Features:

  • Diverse Clients: The game features a range of clients with unique styles and makeover requirements.
  • Regular Updates: New levels, clients, and makeover challenges are added regularly to keep the game fresh and engaging.

Project Makeover is designed for players who enjoy casual puzzle games as well as fashion and interior design. It offers a blend of strategic puzzle-solving and creative expression, appealing to a wide audience. The game is available on iOS and Android devices and provides a satisfying experience of transforming characters and spaces with a personal touch.

6. Stylist Girl – Make Me Gorgeous!

Stylist Girl – Make Me Gorgeous! is a mobile game that allows players to step into the role of a celebrity fashion stylist. The game targets players who have an interest in fashion, makeup, and celebrity culture, offering them an opportunity to showcase their styling skills. Here’s an introduction to the game:

Stylist Girl


  • Celebrity Clients: Players work with virtual celebrity clients who need to look their best for various events like movie premieres, award shows, and photo shoots.
  • Fashion Styling: The core of the game involves selecting outfits, shoes, accessories, and jewelry from an extensive wardrobe to create the perfect look for each occasion.
  • Makeup and Hair: Players also apply makeup and choose hairstyles that complement the overall style and event requirements.

Game Features:

  • Diverse Clientele: The game includes a variety of clients, each with their own style preferences and event needs.
  • Unlockable Content: As players progress, they can unlock new clothing and makeup options to expand their styling choices.

Stylist Girl – Make Me Gorgeous! caters to players who enjoy casual fashion games and the excitement of preparing celebrities for the spotlight. It’s designed to be accessible and entertaining, with a focus on the glamorous and fast-paced world of celebrity fashion styling. The game is available on iOS and Android platforms, though availability and features can vary. So it’s always best to check the latest version in the respective app store.

7. Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim

Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim is a mobile game that combines boutique management with fashion design and styling. It allows players to run their own fashion boutique. So they can express their style, manage their business, and interact with customers and staff. Here’s an introduction to the game:


  • Boutique Management: Players are tasked with managing and expanding their own boutique, making decisions about inventory, layout, and décor.
  • Fashion Design: The game offers opportunities to design and create your own clothing lines, which can then be sold in your boutique.
  • Customer Service: Players assist virtual customers by selecting outfits that match their specific style requests and preferences.

Game Features:

  • Staff Management: Players can hire and manage staff to help run different aspects of the boutique.
  • Multiple Locations: The game allows players to expand their empire by opening boutiques in different cities and exotic locales.

Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim is designed for players who enjoy fashion, business simulation, and role-playing games. It offers a blend of strategic management and creative expression, appealing to those who dream of running their own fashion boutique. The game is available on iOS and Android devices. And it provides a rich and interactive experience in the world of fashion retail.

8. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

Lady Popular: Fashion Arena is an online fashion and lifestyle simulation game like Super Stylist that allows players to customize their lady avatar and engage in various aspects of virtual social life. The game focuses on fashion, beauty, and living the life of a virtual model. Here’s an overview of the game:

Lady Popular


  • Avatar Customization: Players can create and personalize their lady avatar with a wide range of options. Including hairstyles, makeup, body proportions, and more.
  • Fashion Challenges: The game features fashion duels where players compete against each other by styling their avatars based on specific themes or trends.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Beyond fashion, players can decorate their apartment, adopt pets, and pursue careers to enhance their avatar’s life.

Game Features:

  • Engaging Contests: Regular contests and events keep the gameplay fresh and provide additional opportunities to showcase styling prowess and win rewards.
  • Mini-Games: The game includes mini-games that offer a break from the main gameplay loop and a chance to earn extra rewards.

Lady Popular: Fashion Arena appeals to players who enjoy games about fashion, social interaction, and virtual world exploration. It provides a platform for players to compete in fashion challenges, socialize, and live out a virtual lifestyle filled with glamour and creativity. The game is accessible through web browsers and offers a community-driven experience with a strong emphasis on personal style and social status.

9. Fashion Show: Style Dress Up & Makeover Games

Fashion Show: Style Dress Up & Makeover Games is a mobile game like Super Stylist that centers around the glamorous world of fashion shows and makeovers. Players take on the role of a stylist, preparing models for the runway with a variety of outfits, hairstyles, and makeup looks. Here’s an introduction to the game:

Fashion Show


  • Runway Ready: Players style models with the latest fashion trends to prepare them for different themed fashion shows.
  • Makeovers: Beyond clothing, players also give their models complete makeovers, including hairstyles, makeup, and accessories.
  • Fashion Challenges: The game features various challenges where players must create looks that fit specific themes or criteria to impress judges on the runway.

Game Features:

  • Diverse Models: Players work with a variety of models, each requiring a unique look to match their individual style and the theme of the fashion show.
  • Regular Updates: The game may receive regular updates with new fashion items, challenges, and events to keep the gameplay experience fresh.

Fashion Show: Style Dress Up & Makeover Games is designed for players who have a passion for fashion and enjoy the excitement of preparing models for the runway. It offers a creative outlet for fashion enthusiasts to showcase their styling skills and keep up with trends. The game is available on iOS and Android devices, providing a fun and fashionable experience for casual gamers.

10. JoJo’s Fashion Show: World Tour Collection

JoJo’s Fashion Show: World Tour Collection is a time management and fashion game like Super Stylist that is part of its series. In this installment, players help JoJo and her daughter, Rosalind, to showcase their fashion lines across the globe. The game combines elements of strategy, creativity, and quick decision-making as players work to put together stylish outfits to impress the judges and audience during runway shows. Here’s an overview of the game:

JoJo's Fashion Show


  • Runway Shows: Players select models and match tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories to create the perfect look for runway shows.
  • Fashion Styles: The game features a variety of fashion styles that players must master, ranging from Western to Bridal, Couture, and more.
  • Time Management: Players must quickly assemble outfits to meet the style requirements and get models ready before time runs out.

Game Features:

  • Photo Shoots: Some versions of the game include photo shoot challenges where players create looks to capture the perfect fashion photograph.
  • Fashion Tips: The game provides fashion tips and information, adding an educational element for those interested in fashion.

JoJo’s Fashion Show: World Tour Collection appeals to players who enjoy fashion and time management games. It offers a fast-paced and engaging experience where players can express their style sense and learn about different fashion trends. While the game may not be as widely available on mobile platforms as newer titles, it can often be found on various PC gaming platforms and websites.

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Top 10 games like Super Stylist App for iOS 2024
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