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    7 strategies you should know in Stick War Legacy

    Stick War Legacy is a popular game on Android and iOS. Stick War Legacy allows you to command an army of matchsticks, including miners, who make money without fighting, but also swordsmen, spear guns, archers, mages, etc. Your goal in each mission is to destroy enemy statues for victory, or to defend the enemy’s counterattack to defend your castle or base while occupying more territories and unlocking more units. We will introduce 7 strategies you should know in Stick War Legacy in this article. In the meantime, you can download Stick War Legacy Hack and Mod for cheat here.

    Stick War Legacy

    7 Strategies in Stick War Legacy

    1. Focus on having enough gold coins.

    When performing missions in Stick War Remnants, you need to focus on having enough gold coins to train more units. This means creating more miners to bring back more gold to your warehouse. In the early stages, we recommend starting with about two to three (meaning there is only one additional miner), and once the battle begins to heat up, increase it to three to four. In this way, you can ensure a steady inflow of gold.

    2. Destroy the statue.

    Followed the tutorial and sent two of my club members on their first mission to destroy the statue. This is a fair game for enemy units that are all archers. Regardless of the level, all you should do is wait until at least 10 to 12 units are created. Now, in many cases, the enemy will send a stick force and you must continue to defend, but if you can form an army of 10 to 12 units, you can send them and take action.

    3. Maintain a balanced unit mix.

    Whether you’re preparing to attack an enemy or defend a counterattack, you should always maintain a balanced unit mix. This means that there are melee fighters in front and ranged fighters behind. The fighters in the front can absorb the damage and directly send the damage to the enemy units and their statues, while the fighters in the back can take care of the enemy from a long distance while being protected from attack.

    Maintain a balanced unit mix

    4. Train more troops to replenish your lost soldiers.

    You can now crack enemy statues on your first attack. But in the end, you will notice that your melee fighters are gradually decreasing, and will naturally be taken away by enemy melee units or their castle archers. Once this happens, don’t stick it there and try to destroy the statue further. Retreat to your castle and train more troops to replenish your lost soldiers during this time. The last thing you want is to let the enemy strike your long-range troops. After all, these units are more expensive than basic melee fighters and take longer to train!

    5. Playing Stick War Legacy with the Internet enabled is indeed worth it.

    At the end of the level, there are no annoying, annoying ads to deal with, but an ad video to watch. As long as there are advertising videos to run, watching them can instantly double your gem revenue. Of course, gems are the premium currency of the game, and you can use them to buy more spells.

    6. Upgrade points.

    In addition to gems, you can also earn upgrade points after completing in-game missions / levels. You can use upgrade points to improve all the different units. If you ask us what the main upgrade focus is, we will have to upgrade remote units as well as defensively. You want your long-range fighter’s arrows to be as sharp as possible so that they can quickly wipe out enemies, and as far as defense is concerned, you know the saying-the best offense is always good defense. That said, you should still keep a good balance during most upgrades, putting the lowest priority first on the health of the statue. As long as you are able to fight cleverly by following the tips above, your statue will not be at risk of being attacked by the enemy in large numbers.

    7. Save your gems as more expensive spells.

    The gems you get in the game can be used to purchase spells in the in-game store. However, it’s best to save your gems as more expensive spells that can help you in future games and only spend them on cheaper spells, such as Miner Gold Rush, which will make your The miner’s working speed is increased by 30 times or the Fury of Sword Fury, which will make your weapon more powerful.

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    7 strategies you should know in Stick War Legacy
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