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    Stick War: Legacy online guide

    Stick War: Legacy guide

    Accept it or not, we’re all in for games, and when it comes to action and fighting, just a few can resist. So what’s the talk of the town these days, apart from the high-tech, 3D MMOs with fancy graphics and fancier subscription charges? Something free, available on Panda Helper, and are interesting – no, challenging! Or even better, rough. Something like the Stick War: Legacy online, or why not just take that. This crazy, fun game was launched by Jason Whitham just six years back in 2015, and its hype speaks volumes of its craziness. It is an improved version of its previous Stick War series, and without a doubt, it is way better than the plain old versions. Its user interface is super simple and can be handled even by a five-year-old. 

    You were now coming to the main-scene scenario, the gameplay. In the treacherous world of Inamorta, you’re the leader of an army that has to defend itself and launch attacks on its rivals. You, as the leader, have to make sure you have gold in abundance to finance your army recruitment and weaponry. Plus, you have to strategize the game accordingly and deploy the warriors, soldiers, and workers in positions. The game is not as simple as it sounds and can get on your nerves, but you or anyone can ace it with our guide. So give this guide a thorough read and unveil the treasure of unlimited wealth. More Stick War: Legacy tips.

    Stick War: Legacy online

    Features of Stick War: Legacy online

    The Stick Wars: Legacy has a few old and many new features that make the game the best version of its existing series. 

    So let’s hop on discover these intriguing features on the Stick Wars: Legacy: 

    Zombie Survival Mode: 

    The game has a zombie survival mode, according to which you have to survive as many nights as you possibly can. You have to defend yourself against the massive undead zombie crowd. The main twist is that the more nights you survive, the stronger the zombies get, so you have to fight them off with more power than ever. You also have to keep an eye out for your statue as the zombies aim towards destroying it. 

    Skins Mode: 

    Another feature of the new Stick Wars: Legacy is the Skin mode. It is not officially a mode; however, the skins can take your character’s game to the next level, not just appearance-wise but gameplay-wise as well. The skins are the appearance in the game which you have to unlock or purchase. These skins come with unique abilities and weapons that are necessary for victory. The most potent skin in the game is the Lava Skin. 

    The Saga Style Map:

    Another exciting part about the Stick :Legacy is its map road. Unlike other free games, the Stick Wars has a much elongated yet graphically appealing map. And the best part is its storytelling form which makes it saga style. The game has three modes; normal, challenging, and insane, each defined in a medieval saga story. 

    Crown of Inamorta: 

    The Crown of Inamorta is a tournament mode in the Stick Wars Legacy, which offers a duel between the leader and a few contestants. It is the second mode of the game in which the leader gets to choose his four opponents out of 12 and engage in four duels. The winner receives the Crown of Inamorta as the reward. Loser gets the death penalty. 

    Features of Stick War: Legacy online
    Crown of Inamorta

    How to download Stick War: Legacy Unlimited Gems?

    Maintaining a balance between the warriors and workers can be nerve-wracking since both are essential. Imagine being bombarded due to the unavailability of warriors, but what if you have no gold to buy weapons for the warriors? Only if you had more gems to get your team on track. What if we tell you there is a possibility of such a scenario. You are presenting the Stick Wars: Legacy mod apk.

    This hack version of Stick Wars Legacy will get you an unlimited amount of gold and wealth that you can use to win the battles. You can invest this wealth in forts and weapons and miscellaneous expenses.

    Follow the steps mentioned below and get the Stick Wars Legacy Hack Version: Stick War: Legacy Unlimited Gems.

    • Go to Panda Helper.
    • Search for Stick War: Legacy Unlimited Gems.
    download Stick War: Legacy
    • Install the hack version and then try to play it.

    You can shop all you want from these gems and attack the rivals rather than defend yourself due to poor weaponry and no training. 


    The guide mentioned above is your savior since it has the solution for your gems problem. Apart from the Hack guide, you can use our strategies to get your game on track and attack. The primary key to winning this game is strategizing. As you know, strategy is king, and you want to rule, so what if you’re just the leader?

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