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Simple Minecraft builds: How to build a house in Minecraft


Building your very first house in Minecraft is something you will never forget! It is an exciting moment when you play Minecraft, as you can let your imagination go wild and build your place to call home! In this article, we will introduce you to a simple Minecraft building and explain how to build a house in Minecraft. Building a House in Minecraft can be exciting, but doing this without thought can become a bit tedious. You may end up building, breaking down, and often rebuilding due to simple errors that can be avoided. Follow this Minecraft house tutorial, and get how to build a house in Minecraft.


Minecraft House Tutorial

How to build a house in Minecraft Free

In the guide, we can go over the basics of building your first Minecraft PE home that you will never forget! Play Minecraft can not be missing buildings.


  • Crafting Table
  • Furnace
  • Torches
  • Log (depending on preference)
  • Plank (depending on preference)
  • Chests
  • Stairs
  • Fence
  • Door
  • Window
  • Pressure plate
  • Anvil
  • Decorations
  • Sign
  • Anything else you would like to add

Where to Build a House

Find an open area away from thick woods. Look for a large, flat, grounded area close to a water source, such as a river or a beach. It is good to find an area with multiple resources around you so that you may not need to travel far when you are running low on supply. The house should be at the center of the base and be well-lit so that no monsters spawn close to the house.

How to Build a Temporary House in Minecraft

Temporary House-Minecraft Builds

Rule Number 1: Your room should never be 2 blocks high. This creates a highly awkward surrounding to walk around where it feels like your head is touching the roof. Minecraft’s unwritten rule that there should always be 1 or more spaces above your head free.

Temporary House-Minecraft Builds

When you build your first house, you should first make a temporary room with a few basics. The room should be at least 7 blocks wide, 10 blocks long, and 4 blocks high with the roof covering it. With this tiny home, you will need 1 Bed, 1 Crafting Table, 1 Furnace, 2 Chests, and 2 Torches. The room should look like this.

Temporary House-Minecraft Builds
Temporary House-Minecraft Builds

The room can late serve another purpose or can be made separately and broken down at a later stage.

House Shell

How to Build a House in Minecraft

You first want to build a shell for your house. Dig a hole in the ground 21 blocks long, 10 blocks wide, and 5 blocks high. You should fill the floor with a block of your choice (We will use wood planks).

How to Build a House in Minecraft

Divide the floor area into 3 rooms. A bedroom, an entrance, and a Utility room.

Then use logs as pillars on each corner and planks for the walls, leaving spaces where you may choose to have a door or windows. We will use a double door on both sides of the house and windows along the walls in both rooms, as depicted in the images.

The house’s shell is a basic plan to turn into a double story by adding stairs in the main hall as you build out further on your house.

The sky is the limit in Minecraft, but so is the bedrock. You should have a lot of space underneath your home base if you want to play Minecraft well. When you start building higher, feel free to build underground for other rooms you may use.

How to Build a House in Minecraft

The entrance can have Pressure Plates in front of the doors. This would make it easier for the player to walk into the house without manually opening the doors. However, this is up to your preference. You could also add multiple light sources around your house to prevent monsters from spawning nearby. When monsters are near you, you will not be able to sleep.

Once you have completed working on the shell and aesthetics outside the house, you can start with your rooms.


Minecraft bedroom ideas in game

The bedroom should contain a double bed, some chests that can contain some unique items and some art on the wall. The picture here is a fundamental idea for making your room look nice. Though if you want to go all-out, making it look spectacular, there are many tutorials on making your bedroom as beautiful as possible.

Minecraft bedroom ideas in game

The chests in your room should contain your most valuable items, such as diamonds, potions, Redstone, and other necessary resources you have found. You can add a sign and picture that will help determine what you have in each chest.

Utility Room

You will spend a lot of time in the Utility room as you build up your world and explore its terrain.

Minecraft bedroom ideas in game

The room will contain double chests labeled into its retrospective organized categories, such as armor/weapons, food, farming, etc. A double chest for each type will be more than enough for the first few hours while playing the game. Though the more you play, you may need to create a storage room soon.

You may notice I have added multiple Furnaces. This is because you will often need to cook multiple items at once. From numerous types of meat to various ores, it is helpful to have multiple Furnaces set up.

Minecraft bedroom ideas in game

A Crafting Table will be beneficial, and it may be wise to keep your primary resources in a chest closest to the table.

An Anvil will become handy; you will use this item when your specialty is close to breaking.

There are multiple other items to select and place in your Utility room. I have added a Blasting Furnace, 2 Cauldrons, a Grindstone, and a Smoker. However, these items do not need to be in your Utility room, or you can add other Utilities. Depending on your style, you can create a separate area for each type of table.

Once you have set up these rooms, you may want to start building a second floor to create more rooms. I would suggest an enchantment room can be your next step, though you have now completed an excellent start to creating your first home.

A comprehensive guide to Minecraft


Building a House in Minecraft can be exciting, but only if there is some thought and preparation. We hope this article will help you to build a house in Minecraft well. Besides this Simple Minecraft builds guide, there is some helpful content for Minecraft players, such as Minecraft Free Download Tutorial, Minecraft potions guide, Minecraft crafting guide, enchantments Guide for Minecraft, and the Minecraft commands list.

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