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What are the strongest Legendary and Troop Cards in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale currently features a vast collection of cards, each providing different gameplay dynamics. Here I would introduce the Legendary and Troop Cards in Clash Royale you should know.

Legendary Cards: Legendary Cards are the rarest and most powerful cards in Clash Royale. There are 19 legendary cards and they are represented by a gold-colored hexagon background. They each have unique mechanics and exceptional strength.

Troop Cards: Troop Cards represent various units that can be deployed to attack enemy towers or defend your own.

Clash Royale Game

The strongest Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale has a lot of Legendary Cards, you will want to know what is the strongest cards? Before introducing these cards, I would suggest you not to try to switch decks and build decks because you want to use Legendary, please buy the one that fits your deck.

Mega Knight

Mega Knight is also a popular choice on lower ladders. This is a good counter-attack to the senior elite barbarians and can easily clear the flocks of birds. What’s more, he can fight Elixir Golem and Wallbreakers, two of the most popular cards in metadata, which put him in a good position in the game.

Ice Wizard

Because of his ability to slow down, he excels on defense, especially when used with tornadoes. Since he was not harmed, it is recommended that you use another card, such as a splash device, thumper or even a building. Can be used on a variety of decks, but can be seen on X-Bow, Balloon, and Graveyard decks.


With the unique dashboard technician, you can say that she is almost impeccable. She may struggle to deal with, especially with the right support. She has great potential in defense because she can take a blow without causing any harm, and because of the dash, you can do a lot of things. When attacking, she is always a threat to spam cards, and she may be punished when you indulge in elixir.

Lava Hound

Lava Hound is one of the most popular tanks in the game. One of the main reasons Lava Hounds dominates is the strong location of flight support cards.


Graveyard is in a relatively good position in meta. Decks such as Splashyard, PEKKA Furnace Cemetery, IceWiz-DarkPrince Cemetery and even Giant Skeleton Cemetery are becoming more and more popular. Tornadoes work perfectly synergistically on almost all cemetery decks, and tornadoes are now in a great position. This makes the “cemetery” and “cemetery” decks safe to use, whether for ladders or challenges.

Electro Wizard

Electro Wizard is a very good support card in the game. His fork-shaped stun can be used to fight the hell dragon, while spawning assaults can help the defense group. On some decks, he has been replaced by Electro Dragon, resulting in a decline in usage. He can be used on PEKKA deck, Miner Poison deck and Fireball fishing lure.

The Log

With the appearance of Barbarian Barrel and Snowball, the popularity of “The Log” has been hit. The necessity on the deck is not as important as it was at first, and the fact that Log Bait is not seen may also play a role. It can be used basically on any deck and has a wide range of uses, but the other two elixir sometimes work better.

Magic Archer

Magic Archer is definitely worth third place on the list. Without a doubt, it is one of the most interesting legendary cards and one of the hardest games to play. A good Magic Archer player must know the correct position and location of the card in order to successfully perform those “geometric” alignment moves. This card has a lot of practicality and can easily become one of the most efficient cards in the entire game.


Miner is currently the most feature-rich legend in the game, used in almost all deck prototypes. Features that can be placed anywhere in the arena are perfect for sniping princesses and musketeers, demolishing buildings, and refueling support forces after the main battle tank dies … the possibilities are so many!

Night Witch

Night Witch has the highest win rate of all legendary cards on the list. Her usage is also very high, and the Night Witch is now very popular among other sturdy decks.

Magic Archer and Night Witch are the two most powerful cards in the game. The support and defense they provide are absolutely crazy. If you use Magic Archer correctly, you will definitely get high potion value.

Early games responded based on the reaction of the opponent and tried to make the opponent counterattack to observe the opponent’s defense style. If they start with heavy units, such as elixir or guardian lava hound, or even a fire, then apply opposite lane pressure to your royal hog.

The strongest Troop Cards in Clash Royale

Especially for beginners, it best to determine which card is the best in Clash Royale so you know which cards to ask your team for. In addition, you usually have several cards to upgrade, but you don’t have enough gold coins to upgrade them. Then, it’s nice to know which cards you should focus on.

Dark Prince

He has high health, plus a shield that can absorb any health. When attacking, he has a normal melee splash hitting the front, and like his cousin, a charge attack can do double damage to all objects around him within 360 degrees. He is flexible on defense and counterattack, but is vulnerable to high injuries.


Golems have the highest health in the game. The damage is also great, but the damage is only for buildings. When the Golem dies, it will split into 2 Golemite, causing instant death damage to all nearby objects at the same time. If you support Golems with other troops, it is really powerful. With the support of a small range of firepower, bombers, archers, spears Goblin, wizards and witches, it worked very well. Golem is an amazing tank.


The prince is one of the best cards in the game and can take down enemy towers alone. The prince has extremely high damage and high health, so his offensive ability is very strong. His charge ability gives him extra speed and doubles his damage to the target when it crashes, allowing him to destroy the target or accelerate the speed of the decelerating unit.


The worst thing the Rockets can do is to tear off their shields, which makes them a useful option for defending most ground forces. Only their low damage will make them flinch. Their spears are longer than most other melees.

Magic Archer

Magic Archer has medium health, damage, and the ability to shoot arrows out of range. He can safely pierce distant buildings and multiple targets in a straight line of arrows, and can easily remove swarms. However, more powerful troops and fireballs will easily destroy him.


The Executioner provides crazy value, with modestly high health and a boomerang axe, damaging everything in 8 tiles on the road, even air units-twice! He can destroy overcrowded units and deal good damage, but he can still be surrounded due to his slower attack speed.

Lava Hound

Majestic flying beast, targeting buildings with high health but low damage. When defeated, it splits into 6 scattered lava larvae, which are easily submerged. Each lava pup is more harmful than a hound and less healthy.

Mega Knight

The Super Knight landed at BOOM, causing huge area damage to everyone around him, then jumped to the next target within range and landed at another BOOM! If he doesn’t jump, he will slam melee splash damage! His health is high, but due to his slow attack, he can still be defeated by high damage units.

Inferno Dragon

Hell Dragon has higher health and higher damage. With his hellish explosion, he can blast potato chips from tanks and towers, and even survive! But watch out for bee colonies and shocking motorcycles, because he has no hope for them.


The Lumberjack is a powerful 4-potion glass cannon with high damage and speed and a moderate hit point. This card smashed tanks, towers, and even small groups with extremely fast attack speed and high damage. It was extremely powerful on both defense and offense. The Lumberjack will also drop a bottle of rage when he falls, boosting any friendly units nearby!

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