How do I Save Game Progress on iOS 14-Panda Save Data?

Game progress is cruitial for all people. Without it, you have to play games from the beginning again; withou it, you have to collect all itmes from the beginning again; withou it, all efforts are in vain. Therefore, we developed Save Data for VIP users of Panda Helper due to its importance. **Use Panda Save Data to back up your game progress and restore it locally on iPhone or iPad. **What's more, **Panda Save Data supports iOS 13 and iOS 14. **

3 Things you need to Know about Panda Save Data

1) Panda Save Data only supports apps downloaded from Panda Helper VIP Version.

Panda Helper VIP is an alternative App Store provided a variety of apps like hacked, tweaked,++, exclusive apps for VIP users.

2) Panda Save Data is on a floating icon.

when opening apps downloaded from Panda Helepr, you will see a floating icon. Tap it to get Panda Save Data.


3) Don't need a password to restore data when using Panda Save Data.

Sometimes people carelessly tap the data files and see a pop-up about entering a password, and don't know what the password is and how to restore data. In fact, it doesn't need a password to restore data. Only tap share button; find the game app which you have restored data for then data will be restored. We will share the guide about restoring backup step by step below.


How to use Panada Save Data on iOS 14?

For Panda Save data, the usage of it includes two parts: one is to save game data, and the other is to restore it to the games. We will show you the detailed guide.

Part 1: Save Game Progress by Panda Save Data on iOS 14.

Step 1

Open the game which you want to back up, tap on Panda icon and choose Panda Save Data.

Step 2

Click "Run" to make a backup, and choose a storage loacation. It is recommanded to use Notes app or Mail app.

Step 3

Here I will show you how to do it with Notes app. Choose “Add to Notes” when the pop-up appears.

Step 4

Tap "Save" to save the backup file in Notes app.

Part 2: Restore Game Progress by Panda Save Data on iOS 14.

Step 1

Open the game which you want to recover the backup. Tap on Panda icon on the screen and choose Panda Save Data in the function center.

Step 2

Click "Run" to load backup and wait for data to load, then tap on "Open Notes App". The Notes app will be opened.

Step 3

Choose the game backup you saved. Copy to the game through Share button on the upper right corner.
It is noted that don't tap on the .zip file, it is an encrypted zip file and cannot be opened. Please use Notes app's "Share" button which is usually in the upper right corner.

Step 4

After the restore is complete, the game will close.

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