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    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’s Crossover With FF II Event Has Begun

    The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Crossover event has begun. To celebrates 45 million downloads of the game. The team has hosted a crossover with Final Fantasy II. The crossover event has begun and lasts until October 28th.

    Brave Exvius players can collect new units by summoning crossover characters as in the previous crossover tradition. For this event, Final Fantasy II classic characters can call. They are Firion (Neo Vision), Dark Knight Leon (NV Awakenable), Emperor (Neo Vision Awakenable), Aileen (Neo Vision Awakenable), and Thoughtful Sister Maria during this event.

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    In the crossover event, players will get rewards and bonuses like login bonuses that players can claim 4,900 Lapis, two NV EX Tickets, and an Ascension Pearl. There is an event called a Medal Exchange Event during the crossover. Players can defeat and obtain Event Points to exchange materials for upgrading a 5-star Minwu to 7 stars. If you haven’t owned this, it’s a good chance to collect them by finishing the beginner-level mission.

    Final-Fantasy-Brave-Exvius Characters

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