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Township in-depth review: gameplay, tips and tricks


Township is a game that can fulfill players’ dreams of living an idyllic life, so the Township app has attracted a lot of players who love simulation games after its launch.

Players need to do many things to make the town prosperous. Some of these include increasing the population and planting various crops. Developing farming and unlocking different stores are also important. Upgrading the town’s buildings and building new factories can help, too. Additionally, building extensive facilities can contribute to the town’s growth. These strategies are very close to developing a real-life town.

Township online overview

Township online is not difficult to play. Many players enjoy the interactive gameplay. They can share it with friends through various channels and invite them to experience it in reality. The social aspect of the game is a big draw for many players. They can connect with friends and play together. Witnessing the town gradually prosperous is a very sense of accomplishment.

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What the players can do in Township

Township is about running a town of your own. It’s incredibly informative yet effortless to get started.

In the beginning, you only have two tiled houses and one acre of land. You can start with primary agriculture and constantly expand the arable land, wide crop varieties, wheat, corn, sugar cane, and cotton.

And then develop pastoralism, raising cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens. Then, create the processing industry of agricultural and livestock products, producing bread, cheese, sugar, and textiles. Subsequently, the development was unstoppable, opening tailor stores, snack factories, fast food restaurants, and paper mills.

It set up Asian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, perfume factories, coffee factories, and a whole host of other high-end industries.

At the same time, you can also build a railway station, build an airport, and open a shipping terminal. The town will begin to exchange materials with the outside world, import and export products, and the city will also thrive under your careful management.

Features of Township game

Township attracts so many players mainly owing to the following features:

  • Game graphics: The graphics are fresh and natural, blending urban architecture and rural scenery to make the game soothing and pleasing to the eye.
  • Game Operation: The game is easy to operate, and there is an animation demonstration at the beginning of the game.
  • You can use a variety of community buildings and decorations to build your dream town. For example, you can make famous landmarks in the game, such as the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, etc.
  • In Township, various excellent, exciting, and quirky characters will make small-town life shine.

Township tips and tricks

How to get gold/coins quickly?

Completing orders is the primary channel for players to get coins, and it is also the most important way to consume crops and produce goods. There are usually four types of orders in the game.

Township Order Types

Helicopter Orders

Helicopter Orders

There is a straightforward form of order on your town map that will always be present if not canceled manually.

The rewards for completing the order depend on the time it takes to make the items. Some orders give more experience, while others provide more gold. This gives players a choice between upgrading quickly or obtaining more gold for building facilities.

Train Orders

Train Orders

This is the main gameplay for collecting materials for the player’s two progress bottlenecks, and the rewards it brings can upgrade barn and community buildings. Train stations are opened early in the game (level 5), and players have access to three trains. After sending the trains away, players need to wait 5 hours to return. Later, players need to upgrade the trains to reduce the waiting time.

Airplan Orders

Airplan Orders

This is another limited-time order for the plane, with two or three chests to fill. Players can complete individual chests or a whole row for additional rewards.

Once all three rows are completed, players receive a mysterious treasure chest with gems. These gems can activate value-added items or short-term buffs in the town’s Laboratory, such as double crop or factory output.

Zoo Orders

Zoo Orders

Each order requires only two items, but players do not need to complete both. After completing an order, a new order will appear within three hours, and players can achieve a maximum of eight Zoo Orders per day. After every 12 completed orders, they can receive boxes with animal cards as a bonus.

Apart from this method of earning coins by completing orders by following the gameplay and rules, there are other ways you can hack Township to get unlimited coins and cash.

How to upgrade the Township barn quickly?

The barn is the most important building in the game and can be upgraded like any other building. It determines the number of items the player can store. With constant upgrades, the township barn fills up quickly. This creates an unavoidable problem: the barn is always full, limiting your ability to do other things. This can cause headaches and frustration.

So, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that your priority building upgrade is always BARN. Only after the upgrade, it only takes a few hours for many items to be stored, and soon, the pressure to upgrade the barn comes back.

Township barn

Township barn upgrade strategy:

  1. To collect enough building materials, focus on train orders. Keep an eye on them to upgrade the barn. Alternatively, you can buy materials with paid currency or wait for special events or discounts in the City Market.
  2. Buy barn upgrade coupons: This rare item can be obtained by participating in special events, or you can buy it during sales.

It’s hard to move the game forward without addressing the storage space bottleneck. We think this pressure is the first paid conversion mechanism Playrix has devised that allows players to either buy materials with barn upgrades or buy barn upgrade vouchers with paid currency.

Township 2021-2022 Update

All this information from the Township updates 2021 on Township Mobile on Facebook. More information about Township updates 2022 will be updated from now on.

  • The holiday season in Township! During December 2021 and January 2022.
  • It’s fall in Township! During October 2021.
  • It’s Halloween in Township! During September 2021.

Township bubblegum festival

The BubbleGum Festival Event is a themed version being held in November 2021.

Township bubblegum festival

BubbleGum Festival Event Guide

Players have to guide the bouncing gum down from the gumball machine, avoiding the main obstacles in the process. By continuously falling without touching the obstacles, you’ll score more points.

BubbleGum Festival Event Tips

There is no time limit on the event, so you can take your time and plan your descent. If you land in the red zone, you will fail. You can spend 5 T-cash to continue. If you fall or hit the green part in a row, you may score a lot of points. Try to get more points by moving fast; Don’t touch the green part when you fall in continuous because you will lose your streak.

Township in-depth review: gameplay, tips and tricks
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