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Download Idle Police Tycoon iOS Hack (Infinite Cash/ All managers Hired)

Overview of the Idle Police Tycoon

You can free download Idle Police Tycoon iOS Hack with Infinite Cash and All Managers Hired.

Become Captain to manage a police station and stop criminals in the city on Idle Police Tycoon! You are a police tycoon to keep the district’s security by improving every detail in your precincts and running it to be the best police station.

Idle Police Tycoon tips

All your work for the police station is relevant to upgrading the facilities and hiring more police offers with cash for your precinct. Cash is the principal part of Idle Police Tycoon. If you don’t have enough cash on Idle Police Tycoon, earning more cash is a big problem.

However, it is not a problem anymore. Today we will show you a hack version of Idle Police Tycoon, Idle Police Tycoon iOS Hack, with unlimited cash. What’s more, you can get all hired managers when you play this version! Easy to run your police station. Let’s see how you get it.

Idle Police Tycoon Hack features

  • Infinite Cash
  • No Ads (Clam rewards/criminal without watching ads)
  • All Managers Hired

How to play the Idle Police Tycoon?

Idle Police Tycoon is an idle management game, meaning you’ll need to construct the police station and manage the resources. You’ll be responsible for hiring and training police officers, equipping and upgrading vehicles, building stations, and more.
The game also features a range of challenging levels and missions you must complete to progress.
Additionally, you also get to customize your police station with a range of decorations and improvements.

How to download Idle Police Tycoon Hack without jailbreak?

After learning so much about the Idle Police Tycoon, let’s learn how to download its hack version without jailbreak.

First, we need to download Panda Helper VIP from Panda Helper’s official website with Safari.

Then, launch Panda Helper, search for Idle Police Tycoon Hack, and download it.

Finally, check the Idle Police Tycoon Hack on your device and enjoy it!

Sharing of the Idle Police Tycoon tips

Here are some tips that can help to get ahead in the game:
– Collect taxes and coins regularly.
– Upgrade your station and vehicles.
– Focus on completing missions.
– Research and purchase new technologies.
– Work on completing daily tasks and challenges.
– Try to find new ways of earning more money.

The above are some Idle Police Tycoon tips I summarized. You can refer to them.

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