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    How to beat Lynx and Bodyguards in Shadow Fight 2 cheat?


    This is a Shadow Fight 2 cheat to defeat Lynx and his bodyguards with upgraded character, powerful weapons, and strategic moves.
    Shadow Fight 2 combines martial arts techniques with RPG elements to provide an amazing 2D combat experience. You will battle numerous opponents and equip countless deadly weapons and rare armor to challenge bodyguards and defeat the boss Lynx. We also provide downloads for Shadow Fight 2 Mod or Shadow Fight 2 Hack iOS.

    How to beat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2 cheat?

    Shadow Fight 2 cheat

    Upgrade your character

    Access the character upgrade menu and choose some important upgrades for the battle. One of the important upgrades is the Double Sweep maneuver, which allows you to approach the enemy for fast double sweep attacks. Another upgrade is a strong head, giving you a 10% chance to reduce incoming head damage by 50%, which can help you avoid enemies launching a deadly head attack. Don’t forget to go to the armor store to buy some needed weapons and armor to help resist attacks from opponents.

    Upgrade your character
    • Shin was the earliest and the simplest of Lynx’s bodyguards. Shin uses short fists to attack the short range to destroy the enemy. Shin’s strategy is to confuse Shadow with fast jumping movements and head attacks. Quickly dispatch Shin in a fast-paced combo as he orbits around you. The use of powerful attacks creates a chance for Shin to win. Quick leg and arm attacks keep it simple to ensure victory.
    Shin was the earliest and the simplest of Lynx's bodyguards.
    • Second is Brick, whose name reflects his tenacity. With a double-waving baton, Brick relies on long-range force attacks to deal a devastating blow to the shadows. Beware of his active punch combination, as he prefers destructive three-footed finishes. Stay close to Knuckles and wither him with a combination of quick punches and pedals focused on his legs. Hardly hit his head on Brick, as he quickly recovered and took the gap from a strong attack. 
    beat Lynx and Bodyguards

    Needle uses powerful mid-range attacks to poke holes in opponents

    A lot of stabs in the upper body are very dangerous, because most of attacks are on the head or key parts. This made it easy for her to quickly complete Shadow’s work with songs in the right position. We recommend using a steel baton to keep her a safe distance while focusing on passing the composition to the head. You should try to deploy a three-piece combination starting with a “double slash” and then quickly deploy a strong or upward slash.

    Shadow Fight 2

    Lynx uses darts, throws daggers and claws to stealthily attack players and enchant them with weapons. His claws have time bombs and poisoned enchantments. In order to defeat Lynx, we have to upgrade our dagger and armor to level 6, don’t be too far away from the Lynx during the battle, to avoid the Lynx always throwing weapons. Since Lynx cannot use shurikens and stealth in the first round, you better win in the first round. Finally, try to use kicks and keep a certain distance when fighting Lynx. In addition, you can also get a guide about the best weapon in Shadow Fight 2.

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