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Gardenscape’s strategy on how to beat level 175 easily


This article will focus on how to beat the popular Gardenscapes level 175 and get a few moves.

As we know, Gardenscapes is a puzzle game with millions of fans and tons of unique and challenging levels. And we can download it free from Panda Helper on our Apple devices. For many players, Level 175 can be confusing. We provide a detailed and practical guide to help you easily unlock new levels and continue enjoying the game.

Then, let’s learn how to beat Gardenscapes level together!

The game goal of Gardenscapes level 175

In Level 175, you must complete the task in two steps or as few moves. That is, collect 20 orange fruits and 10 jars. At the same time, you only have 25 moves to achieve the mission objective.

Gardenscapes level 175

Key points of the strategy

To help you pass Level 175 easily, we point out the following key strategies for you:

Focus on orange fruit first

Considering that the number of orange fruits required in the task is 20, which is relatively large, at the beginning of the game, first focus on the collection of orange fruits. Try hard to eliminate the orange fruit. Forcibly crushing will release more precious orange fruit.

Create a chain reaction

Create a chain reaction to eliminate more elements quickly. Look for opportunities to create combinations that clear elements horizontally and vertically and eliminate at least 4 elements. Break the chain to complete the chain reaction and quickly collect fruits.

Making props

Focus on crafting powerful power-ups, including bombs (5 fruits of the same color), paper airplanes (square center), or rockets (T or L shape). Using powerful items with other items or fruits can help you quickly destroy more orange fruits and jars.

Follow jars

After collecting a certain number of orange fruits (for example, the remaining number of orange fruits is less than 10), switch the attention to the jar. Try placing rockets, bombs, or paper airplanes near the jars to clear the way.

Gameplay skills

With a limited number of steps, gradually build large combinations and make full use of props to complete the task. At the same time, use free props and life points reasonably to avoid ineffective waste.

Overall, that’s the tips we summarised to beat Gardenscapes level 175. If you have a better way to help everyone get more moves, welcome to share it with us.

Final words:

By following the walkthrough above, you will undoubtedly have an easier time beating Level 175. These walkthroughs will provide valuable guidance when mission objectives are less than ideal.

And if you have doubts about the Gardenscapes, you can refer to the Gardenscapes guide.

In addition, if you are interested in the Gardenscapes cheats, you can also refer to the Gardenscapes cheats guide to boost your gameplay experience. We can also learn more from the new version of Gardenscapes: New Acres.

Finally, I hope you continue to enjoy the fun and challenging journey of Gardenscapes, and I wish you a happy game! If you want to share with other players, or you are interested in other different types of games. Welcome to share with us.

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Gardenscape’s strategy on how to beat level 175 easily

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