Monument Valley series: a comparative analysis of Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 are captivating puzzle games. And Monument Valley 2 story is also very attractive—that transports players to a world of stunning architecture and impossible geometry. Developed by ustwo games, these award-winning apps have gained a devoted following for their beautiful design and engaging gameplay.

This post comprehensively compares Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2, highlighting their similarities and differences through a detailed table analysis.

Overview – The Monument Valley Series

Before delving into the comparison, let’s get acquainted with Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2.

Inspired by the works of M.C. Escher, the games invite players to navigate through a series of intricate architectural structures. Which appear to defy the laws of physics. Players must guide the silent protagonist through each level by manipulating the environment and twisting the perspective while uncovering the underlying story.

Monument Valley story

Monument Valley is a puzzle game developed by two games. It takes the player on a journey through a captivating world filled with magical architecture and illusionary pathways. The story revolves around a silent protagonist. Princess Ida must navigate through surreal landscapes and manipulate her surroundings to unlock the secrets of ancient monuments.

Ida encounters various optical illusions throughout her journey and navigates through increasingly complex geometric structures. She is guided by the ethereal Ghost Princesses, who reveal snapshots of the once-thriving civilization that built these magnificent monuments. They share their past mistakes and information about Sacred Geometry, illustrating the importance of restoring balance to their forgotten kingdom.

As Ida ascends the monuments, she ultimately learns about the world’s history, redemption, and the significance of her role within it. The game concludes with Ida returning the Sacred Geometry to its rightful place. She restored harmony to the kingdom and turned herself into a Ghost Princess. And ensured the rejuvenated realm would not be forgotten.

Monument Valley 2 story

Monument Valley 2, a standalone sequel to the original game, introduces new characters and intricately designed levels. The story features a mother, Ro, and her child navigating through their own mystical journey in Monument Valley.

Monument Valley 2 story

The game primarily focuses on the evolving relationship between Ro and her daughter. As they traverse the mysterious landscape and interact with the vivid, immersive architecture. The player must guide Ro and her child through various puzzles. And utilizing their unique abilities to manipulate the environment and reach new areas.

Throughout their adventure, they encounter remnants of the ancient civilization. And allowing the daughter to gradually learn and understand the history and significance of the monuments. As the game progresses, Ro and her daughter are occasionally separate. Providing the child with opportunities to solve puzzles independently and grow as an individual.

In the end, after overcoming numerous challenges. Ro watches her daughter step into her own journey. And signifying the coming of age and the unbreakable bond between parent and child. Ultimately tying back into the overarching themes of growth, harmony, and sacred balance.

Monument Valley vs. Monument Valley 2: Comparative Table

Now that we’ve established the foundations of both games. Let’s dive into a side-by-side comparison of their features using a comprehensive table:


Monument Valley

Monument Valley 2
Release Year20142017
Developerustwo gamesustwo games
PlatformiOS, Android, WindowsiOS, Android, Windows
PriceUSD 3.99USD 4.99
Main CharactersPrincess IdaRo and her child

Number of Levels
10 (main story); 8 (expansion)14

Game Mechanics
Players manipulate architecture and use optical illusions to navigate through each levelIn addition to the original mechanics, the sequel introduces new game mechanics, such as guiding Ro and her child simultaneously
Expansion Packs“Forgotten Shores” and “Ida’s Dream”None
SoundtrackMusic by Stafford Bawler, OBFUSC, and GrigoriMusic by Todd Baker
AwardsMultiple awards, including Apple’s Design Award and BAFTA Game AwardsMultiple awards, including Apple’s Design Award and The Game Awards


Both Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 offer stunning visual designs and immersive gameplay experiences. Though they share many similarities, each game brings its unique storyline, characters, and game mechanics to engage players and keep them captivated.

While Monument Valley focuses on guiding Princess Ida through a world of breathtaking architecture, its sequel introduces new characters and challenges that deepen the gameplay experience. Consequently, Monument Valley 2 extends the captivating storyline and enhances the game mechanics’ complexity. For example, some players thought the Monument Valley 2 level 10 was difficult. We can follow the detailed steps to play Monument Valley 2 level 10.

Ultimately, whether you opt for Monument Valley or Monument Valley 2 (or choose to immerse yourself in both games), you are guaranteed an alluring and enchanting gaming experience that will leave you contemplating the impossible and marveling at the beauty within the world of the Monument Valley series.

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