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Tutorial on playing Monument Valley 2 level 10


Today, I’d like to share with you play the Monument Valley 2 level 10 step by step.

Monument Valley 2 is a captivating and visually stunning puzzle game developed by Ustwo Games. The game is famous for its intricate and surreal architecture and minimalist designs. Monument Valley 2 expands upon its predecessor by introducing new characters, a heartfelt story, and meticulously crafted puzzles.

This article will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of Level 10 to help you navigate the level and unravel its mysteries. With clear instructions and a little patience, you can overcome the obstacles in your path and move on to the later challenges.

monument valley 2 level 10

Monument Valley 2 level 10 overview

Level 10, titled “The Botanical Gardens,” is a level filled with lush greenery and a complex series of moving platforms. The primary goal is to guide Ro and her child through these platforms and manipulate the environment by turning cranks. And reach the endpoint marked by a door with two platforms for the characters to stand on.

Monument Valley 2 botanical Gardens customs clearance steps

Let’s follow the walkthrough to play level 10 step by step.

Section 1: Initial Setup

1. Begin the level by guiding Ro and her child over the connecting bridge.

2. Move Ro’s child to the upper part of the movable platform and position Ro at the lower crank.

3. Turn the crank counterclockwise to align the movable platform with the static platforms on the left side, allowing Ro’s child to progress further.

Section 2: Splitting Paths

1. Move Ro’s child to the larger platform with the second crank and turn it clockwise to raise the platform.

2. Guide Ro to the leftmost static platform and turn the crank counterclockwise to lower it.

3. Place Ro’s child on the central platform and proceed with Ro to the bottom right corner, on the green pathway.

Section 3: Elevating Platforms

1. Rotate the crank clockwise with Ro and raise the child’s platform to the top.

2. Move Ro’s child counterclockwise along the perimeter of the platform.

3. Turn the crank counterclockwise to lower the platform halfway.

4. Guide Ro’s child to the right side of the platform, then use the crank to raise it to the top again.

Section 4: Reunited

1. Move Ro’s child to the new platform on the right.

2. Rotate the crank one last time to lower the platform and reunite Ro and her child.

3. Guide both characters to the platform with flowers.

Section 5: Manipulating the Tree

1. Rotate the tree clockwise until it forms a bridge to the leftmost platform, then cross.

2. Move Ro’s child onto the small square platform adjacent to the tree.

3. Rotate the tree clockwise again until it connects with the lower-right platform and leads Ro across.

Section 6: Final Stretch

1. Turn the crank with Ro to elevate the square platform carrying her child.

2. Move the child counterclockwise around the platform and descend using the newly formed bridge.

3. Head right and climb the green path.

4. Proceed to the door marked with the two platforms, placing Ro on the left and Ro’s child on the right.

The above are the details steps.


Congratulations! You have just completed Level 10 of Monument Valley 2: “The Botanical Gardens.” By carefully manipulating cranks to elevate and align platforms, you’ve successfully reunited Ro and her child and guided them through the magical world of the Botanical Gardens.

This level showcased the inventive and dynamic level design that Monument Valley 2 is renowned for. Keep these strategies and your powers of observation in mind as you progress through the later levels of this beautiful, mesmerizing puzzle game. Let’s download the Monument Valley 2 free from the Panda Helper.

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