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Overall Guide of Finch: Self-Care Pet App

“Virtual pets” are adapting to the needs of the digital era. The Finch self-care pet app comes in. The huge success of virtual pet games is partly because numerous people face reality problems, such as lack of free time and limited living space, which make them unable to raise real pets. In a fast-paced life, virtual pets are better than real pets, and they even deliver just as much love and company as live animals.

Raising virtual pets on mobile apps eliminates the need for time-consuming tasks like feeding and cleaning, as well as any hassle or burden. It is a convenient and practical game for leisure and entertainment. The development of virtual pet apps has evolved to fit different phases of the Internet era. Its core attraction is the emotional interaction that can bring healing and positive energy to app users. Meet your new self-care pet here! The following post will introduce more details about Fitch and how it works.

Finch App poster

Overview of Finch app

Finch is a virtual pet-keeping app designed to help users develop self-awareness and self-care skills through the tasks of raising a pet. This app will ultimately benefit you as the user. You will be constantly on track to tackle various self-care tasks within the game. Small daily issues like making your bed, cleaning the house, or doing exercise every day will no longer be a chore because you’ll enjoy growing as you continue to accomplish your goals. As you go about these daily tasks, your little pet will grow together and encourage you to continue achieving your goals. There are more fun, positive pictures and quotes from Finchcare, the official Instagram account.

How does the Finch app work?

As Finch says, “Take care of your pet by taking care of yourself!” So, treat yourself well so your little cute pet does well. In other words, the more you care for yourself, the more your little pet is cared for.

Before you enter the home screen, you will be asked to rate how you’re currently feeling by clicking on one of five images. From left to right, each expression represents very sad, sad, neutral, happy, and joyful. Be honest about how you feel, and set different goals for yourself, and Finch will help you improve your mood throughout the day. The following steps will teach you how to start the game.

Choose your Finch egg

The first step of start the game is hatching egg. There are six colors of eggs. They symbolize energy and brighter days ahead.

Set your Finch’s pronouns and nickname

After you hatched a baby bird, it’s time to customize its profile.

Daily check-ins on Finch app

Improve your friendship with your baby pet by checking in, having chats, and petting it. Then, help the character you choose gain energy to develop its personality and grow. Your virtual pet will grow and develop the more you use the app.

Key features of Finch self-care app

You can work towards a stylish Finch and a comfortable virtual space. It all comes down to completing your daily self-care goals.

Screenshots of the Finch App

Pick Daily goals

As a beginner on the app, try to pick at least three to four daily goals to do with your pet. General goals are listed here:

  • Drink water
  • Make my bed
  • Wash my face
  • Take a shower
  • Step outside of my home
  • Get out of bed
  • Say one thing I’m grateful for before bed
  • Literally survive the day
  • Perform a 3-minute exercise I enjoy
  • Brush teeth

You can also set custom goals for yourself, such as:

  • Study for at least 15 to 30 minutes
  • Clean the refrigerator
  • Do the laundry
  • Any other things you want

Customize your pet and its house

You will earn Rainbow Stones as you reach your daily goals. Rainbow Stones can be used to purchase in-game clothes, hats, and accessories to personalize your Finch character. Once you reach a certain level, you can also consult with the Interior Designer character to purchase furniture and decorations for your home.

Let your Fitch on an adventure

Once you’ve gained enough energy, your finch can go on an adventure. They will then return with the knowledge gained from their adventure. This will spark a conversation between you and your pets that will help them grow.

Finch grows and changes outfit

How to download Fitch app

  1. The app runs stably on iOS and Android devices. Depending on which smartphone or tablet you have, head to the Apple Store or Google Play Store. For an easier and faster way, download from our Panda helper for free and safe.
  2. Enter at least “Finch” in the search bar. Find an icon with a gray and white bird.
  3. Click on it to confirm it is Finch: Self-Care Widget App. Select the “Download” button to start integrating it on your smartphone.
  4. Once download it, you can proceed to customize the bird and start working on your daily goals.


You can see our FAQ here. If you have any questions not answered by the FAQ, leave a comment, and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

Yes. Finch is free to use, but some features require a subscription and in-app purchases are available.
Yes. Finch developers keep sensitive and personal information as safe, secure, and private as they can, while still delivering effective features and services in products. The app does not sell, rent, license, or lease your personal information to third parties.
No. They are finches, specifically based on the Zebra Finch. Whatever, your bird can be whatever you want them to be!
Finch was inspired by Atticus Finch in “To Kill A Mockingbird”. After researching Finch birds and knowing that they have quite inspirational personalities that seemed to in line with mental health, the developers stuck with the name!
When your friend installs the Finch app, they will have the opportunity to add your invitation code so that both of you can get rewards. You will need to go back to the “Invites Screen” to claim your reward. Near the top of the settings, you’ll see the “Community” tab! You can click on "Invite Friends" and share your code from there.

Final Words

For those who dream of owning a pet but are afraid of harming a real animal friend due to a lack of experience, this self-care pet app is for you. Download Finch: Self-Care Pet from Panda Helper for free and start caring for your little friend. Finch will help you feel prepared and positive, one day at a time. Moreover, please note that as the app settles mental health issues to a certain extent, such as depression and anxiety, parents should test the game to confirm if it is appropriate for their child’s growth. If you’re interested in a review of the Finch mental-health app, feel free to read my other post.

Overall Guide of Finch: Self-Care Pet App
Finch app review: Improve your self-care skill

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