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    The ultimate guide to the Bullet Echo tier list



    The release of Bullet Echo has recently stormed the realm of mobile gaming. As a tactical royal-esque shooter game, Bullet Echo has unique elements that thrill every player. Understanding the Bullet Echo tier list is central to your strategy in this game, which is our main focus in this post. We’ll delve into what tiers exist and which characters belong to which tier.

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    Understanding the Bullet Echo tier list

    It’s essential to grasp a tier list before diving into the Bullet Echo specifics. A tier list is essentially a ranking system, classifying the game’s characters based on their abilities, power, and utility in the game. In the case of Bullet Echo, the tier list is classified as S, A, B, C, and D – with S being the highest tier and D being the lowest.

    Bullet Echo tier list

    S-Tier characters

    S-Tier characters are the most powerful characters in Bullet Echo. Their remarkable skills and abilities can turn the tide of a battle in your favor.

    Blot: Known for his enormous attacking capabilities. His ability to lay traps for enemies makes him a dangerous character.

    Levi: An agile and versatile character, Levi exceeds in both offense and defense.

    Vamp: Perfect for those who cherish stealthy assaults, Vamp can see farther in the dark than other characters.

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    A-Tier characters

    Recognized for their ability to contribute significantly to the combat, A-Tier characters are notable for being a great asset to your team.

    Mirage: Famous for his versatility, Mirage’s abilities make him excellent at both escaping from and pursuing enemies.

    Stalker: She is excellent at damaging enemies from a distance.

    Bastion: A defensive powerhouse, Bastion makes an excellent shield for his teammates.

    B-Tier characters

    Although not as powerful as S and A-Tier, B-tier characters possess strong capabilities and could be pivotal in winning your battles in Bullet Echo.

    Thundershock: Known for his electrifying speed and attacks, Thundershock is best at catching opponents off-guard.

    Predator: With his impressive spotting strength, Predator is strongly suited for scouting enemy positions.

    Mastodon: Mastodon’s strength lies in his ability to absorb damage, making him fit the role of a tank.

    C-Tier characters

    Characters in the C-tier possess moderate abilities and are praised for their specific skills but lack overall in combat.

    Phantom: Phantom’s camouflaging ability makes her the perfect escapee or stealth attacker but lacks in overall engagement.

    Tundra: His skills are pretty average and fit for players who enjoy balanced characters.

    Raven: Raven’s advantage lies in her ability to poison her enemies. However, she is not as versatile as higher tiers.

    D-Tier characters

    The D-tier is composed of the least potent characters in Bullet Echo.

    Joker: While Joker has a fun playing style, he’s placed in the D-tier because he lacks competitive abilities.

    Dragonfly: His healing abilities are great for team support, but his weak attack capabilities place him in the D-tier.

    Hawk: Hawk is suitable for beginners but struggles in advanced battles.


    Understanding where your character ranks on the Bullet Echo tier list will significantly increase your chances of survival and ultimate victory. Regardless of your tier, remember that skill, strategy, and a good understanding of your character’s abilities are critical for success in Bullet Echo. Let’s download the Bullet Echo Mod APK and experience it together.

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