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The ultimate Summoner’s Greed tier list guide


If you’re an avid mobile game player, there’s a good chance you’ve played Summoner’s Greed. As we know, Summoner’s Greed is a strategy-based tower defense game filled with enchanting gameplay, unique characters, and, most importantly, magnificent towers and minions. This guide will showcase a comprehensive Summoner’s Greed tier list ranking these towers and minions based on their potential.


Before we jump into the list, it’s worth noting that the game’s tier is highly influenced by the specific layout of the level and the enemies you’re facing. Therefore, the units that may work well for one player might not work well for another. With this in mind, we encourage you to use this list as a general guide, not as gospel.

Summoner’s Greed tier list introduction

summoner's greed tier list

SS Tier – The creme de la creme

As with any game, the SS tier represents the best of the best, the characters who excel in almost every situation and can significantly boost your lineup.

  1. Dragon: Often considered the most overpowering minion in Summoner’s Greed, the Dragon’s AoE (Area of Effect) attacks inflict severe damage, clearing waves of enemies fast.
  2. Blast Crystal: Its impressive and well-balanced stat profile dominates the SS-tier. Its ability to wipe out multiple enemies simultaneously makes it a preferred choice among players.

S Tier – excellent minions

The S tier consists of minions that, although not as overpowering as SS-tier, are still phenomenal and can be potent additions to your lineup.

  1. The Wizard: He’s well-rounded and brings a unique skillset, offering a good mix of damage and strategic value.
  2. The Frost Tower: It’s fantastic for crowd control and minimizing enemy movement speed.

A Tier – good utility picks

These minions have specific advantages that make them suitable for certain situations, making them great utility picks.

  1. The Lightning Tower: A strong choice for disrupting enemy movement and causing significant magic damage.
  2. The Bombard: Offers high single-target damage and is especially useful in boss fights.

B Tier – pretty average

These characters don’t necessarily excel or stand out in any area but are still usable.

  1. The Archer: A standard ranged attacker with consistent but relatively low damage.
  2. The Footman: A decent tank, but his slow movement speed can be a disadvantage.

C Tier – below average

Minions that, unless under specific circumstances, should be your last choices.

  1. The Ice Tower: While it provides some crowd control, its low damage output holds it back.
  2. The Fire Wizard: Similar to the Ice Tower, it struggles to keep up in the current meta.

Every minion has something to offer, and the Secret to mastering Summoner’s Greed lies in understanding when and how to leverage the individual strengths of each unit. Don’t be afraid to try different character and tower combinations to determine what works best.

To learn more about the tier list, refer to Summoner’s Greed wiki.

Tips and tricks to remember

Understand the Strengths and Weaknesses:

Each minion and tower has a distinct set of strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these can help better strategize and select the most suitable units for a particular level.

Upgrade Smartly:

Rather than trying to upgrade all your units, select a few key ones that fit your strategy and focus most of your resources on them.

Effective Placement:

Where you place your units in the field plays a significant part in your success. Higher-tier units should take center stage to maximize their potential, while lower-tier units should fill supportive or niche roles.

In addition, if you want to get things done faster, refer to the Summoner’s Greed Codes guide.


Overall, Summoner’s Greed offers a strategic and captivating gameplay experience that rewards cunning and insight and keeps you hooked. There’s always scope for new strategies with the constant addition of new units and updates, and the thrill and satisfaction derived from winning challenging levels make it an addictive favorite among strategy game enthusiasts. Let’s download the Summoner’s Greed Mod APK and experience it together.

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