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Learn more about Brawl Stars cheats and tips for unlimited Gems


Brawl Stars will have you competing and experiencing different game modes with a variety of objectives! Control your Brawlers, and fight with other players! Here are more cheats about Brawl Stars you need to know.

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Download Brawl Stars Cheats for Free

Brawl Stars Hack IPA is a Brawl Stars cheats game developed by Panda Helper. Cause you can’t download Brawl Stars Mod APK in the app store, welcome to install Panda Helper on your iOS device first.

Panda Helper is a free third-party store for Android and iOS devices, which offers tons of paid apps and games completely free. There are also many modified apps and games that you won’t find on Google Play or the App Store. And it’s safe and easy to use – no root or jailbreak required.

Brawl Stars Hack for iOS

Open Panda Helper’s official website and choose Free Version to install. If you want a better experience, it is recommended that you use the Panda Helper VIP version.

download the Panda Helper

After installing Panda Helper, you directly search for Brawl Stars, and the two results that appear are Brawl Stars Private Server Hack and Brawl Stars – AI. Another post introduces the features of these two Brawl Stars Hack versions. You can choose to download anyone according to your needs.

Brawl Stars Mod for Android

How to play the Brawl Stars cheats on Android devices? Brawl Stars Mod is the same as Brawl Stars Hack in that it offers everything unlimitedly. If you want to experience Brawl Stars Mod APK for unlimited Gems on your Android device, you can download Brawl Stats APK in Panda Helper for Android.

How to hack Brawl Stars free Gems?

Gems are hard to get in the game. In addition to paying for money, you can only unlock rewards for free gems by earning medals through the Brawl Pass. You can click the Brawl Pass in the homepage’s lower-left corner to view the progress and rewards of related activities. Players can get up to 90 free gems per Brawl Pass season.

Brawl Stars free Gems

Win any match to earn a trophy. But to reach the trophy that unlocks the reward, you’ll need a little more skill.

But if you download the Brawl Stars Private Server Hack, you can get infinity gems directly in the game. Downloading the Brawl Stars – AI is better than trying to win trophies for fewer gems. And you can also use gems to buy the Brawl Pass paid version for even more rewards. In the last Season 12, you can unlock exclusive skins for Janet, Biker Karl, and Valkyrie Janet and exclusive pins for Janet and Valkyrie Janet.

What can free Gems be used for?

What items can players use gems to buy in-game? Here is a list of the most valuable things to buy with Gems. Come and take a look.

1. Buy Big Boxes and Mega Boxes.

Big Boxes are equivalent to 3 regular boxes, and Mega Boxes are equal to 10 regular boxes. What you can get from the box: Gold Coins, PowerPoints, Gadgets, Star Powers, new Brawlers, and an extra 3% chance for a Token Doubler to double the following 200 Tokens.

2. Buy the Token Doublers.

It costs 40 gems, but the following 1000 medals earned will be doubled.

3. Buy Brawl Pass.

Spend 169 gems to unlock the Brawl Pass premium version bonus, and get brand new Chromatic Brawlers. Or spend 249 gems to unlock the Brawl Pass bundle. Level 4 rewards are added to the original ones.

4. Buy Pins.

You can use pins as emotes during combat.

5. Buy gold coin packs.

When the gold coins are insufficient to upgrade the Brawler, use gems to buy gold coins.

6. Buy Power Points.

Buy Power Points to upgrade your Brawlers

7. Buy skins.

Buy special outfits for the Brawler you own with no added competitive advantage.

8. Buy Brawler.

9. Change player name.

The first name change is free. Then, each change costs 30 gems.

Beginner tips for playing Brawl Stars

Start by learning how to manipulate your Brawler. Use your left thumb to control your character’s movement and your right thumb to control shooting. The initial arena in the Gem Grab event is 3V3, the first to grab 10 gems and hold the designated victory. The combat atmosphere is surprisingly tense, and the game’s clever combination of simple controls and subtle tactics is worth exploring. Therefore, we recommend that you come to this game to find out. To help you get started, here are some tips for you.

✅ How to Use Super

Super refers to a super skill that players can release once. Every time you damage a local member, your Super will be recharged. So don’t worry if you can’t Super for now; you still need to accumulate more power. When you’re ready, the icon on the right side of the screen will turn yellow, and you can target your opponent to make them feel your wrath.

✅ Timely Ceasefire

Sometimes you get hit in a row and even die. Do not be afraid. Stop shooting first, and after a few seconds, your health will start to regenerate. If the situation is critical, you can hide behind grass or cover and let these barriers protect you.

✅ Team Priority

Three players form a formation to advance and retreat together, often achieving unexpected results. Just imagine, if a team member is hurrying to collect gems, you can provide cover firepower nearby to ensure teammates’ safety. If the player has a lot of gems, he will be an essential protection target for you. One person is in charge of defending the fruits of victory, and one person alone strives for more gems – that way, you are not far from success.

If you find it difficult to play the original Brawl Stars game, you can review the Brawl Stars cheats from Panda Helper to help you level up.

Guide to downloading Brawl Stars Hack on iOS and Android
Learn more about Brawl Stars cheats and tips for unlimited Gems

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