Unc0ver Jailbreak For iOS12 Adds Partial Support For A12X

Citing Pwn20wnd's announcement on Twitter, unc0ver v3.0.0 beta 44 was released to add partial support for A12-A12X Bionic devices like the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and the 2018 iPad Pro. The partial support means that you can use the latest version of Unc0ver to jailbreak your iPhone XS or iPhone XR, but you can't do anything else. There's no Cydia support for now so you won't be able to install jailbreak tweaks.
unc0ver a12X jailbreak
unc0ver a12X jailbreak
This version of unc0ver is more suitable for developers not for general jailbreak users of A12X. It allows developers to prepare tweaks to support iOS 12. will get the most benefit from their jailbreak when Cydia and Cydia Substrate are added in the future. We expect that will come soon.

Those who have jailbroken their A8-A11 devices on iOS 12 with unc0ver v3.0.0 pre-released version are being advised to download and run this update as soon as possible to take full advantage of the new features and improvements. You can follow our guide on how to use Unc0ver to jailbreak your iPhone running iOS12-12.1.2 and enjoy the jailbreak.
unc0ver a12X jailbreak

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