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    Anti-revoked Trick Without Jailbreaking

    As we all know, the revocation of a certificate is a force majeure problem. Here I will share an anti-revoked trick without jailbreaking and simple operation. This temporary method can be used to make your apps available even when the certificate is revoked.

    unable to verify app

    Anti-Revoked Trick

    When the certificate is revoked and you can’t open the app normally, don’t delete the unavailable app from your phone. Follow the steps below:

    Follow the steps below:

    Firstly, turn on airplane mode and make sure WI-FI is turned off.

    turn off wlan

    Secondly, go to “Settings-Safari”, clear history and website data.

    clear history and website data

    Then, open Panda Helper and other games with expired certificate, although they can’t connect to the Internet at this time, they can already open normally.

    Finally, turn off airplane mode and turn on WI-FI to connect to the network. Go back to the apps, and now you can open the revoked app.

    Pros. And Cons.


    No jailbreak, easy to operate.


    The available time is short and can only be used temporarily. Even if you don’t shut down, you may need to re-verify it after a while.

    Re-Download After Being Fixed

    The Panda Helper team will work hard to fix the certificate issue. When the repair is complete, go to the Panda Helper official website to re-download and trust the new certificate, you can use it again.

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