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Dead by Daylight Mobile: a comprehensive guide

Overview of Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile is a multi-player (4 vs 1) horror game in which one player takes on the role of a savage killer, and the other four play as survivors, attempting to escape the killer and avoid being caught and killed. This game is based on the popular PC and Console version of Dead by Daylight and brings the same adrenaline rush and terror to the mobile platform.

It features iconic killers from various horror genres with unique powers and skill sets. On the flip side, the survivors are not altogether helpless. They can escape the gruesome fate by working together, repairing generators to power the exit gates, and ultimately escaping the murderous rampage.

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Dead by Daylight Mobile guide

This guide is a comprehensive breakdown of the gameplay, characters, maps, and unique killer’s guide. Let’s learn it together.

dead by daylight mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile gameplay

In Dead by Daylight Mobile, the game starts with five generators scattered randomly across a map and a killer on the loose. The survivors’ primary objective is to repair these generators, which power the exit gates, allowing them to escape. The killer, however, must prevent the survivors from escaping, using their unique abilities.

The game provides a thrilling real-time gameplay experience, combining survival, stealth, strategy, and horror elements. It requires strategic planning, teamwork (for survivors), and timing to escape the killer or ensure no one gets away successfully.

Character selection

The game allows players to select their preferred character from two prominent roles: the Killer or the Survivor. These roles greatly influence the course of the game as they carry profoundly different objectives.

Next, let’s learn more about these characters.


The role of the killer is to stop the survivors from escaping. The game offers an exciting variety of killers, each with its unique abilities and perks that can help them in their sinister mission.

In Dead by Daylight Mobile, each Killer has unique abilities and a backstory that adds depth to their terrifying personas. Here is a brief introduction of Dead by Daylight killers’ characters:

Dead by Daylight Mobile killers
  1. The Trapper: As the name suggests, The Trapper uses bear traps to ensnare unsuspecting survivors. He can strategically place these traps around the map to catch survivors off-guard.
  2. The Wraith: This killer has the power to become invisible, making him almost undetectable. His ability, “Wailing Bell”, allows him to surprise survivors and initiate chases.
  3. The Hillbilly: Armed with a chainsaw and a hammer, The Hillbilly is a brute force killer. He can use his chainsaw to down survivors instantly.
  4. The Nurse: The Nurse can teleport through walls and barriers, making her an eerie and unpredictable predator. Her power, “Spencer’s Last Breath,” allows her to blink through obstacles and catch survivors off-guard.
  5. The Huntress: Unique among the killers, The Huntress can throw hatchets at survivors from a distance, taking them down without being in close contact.
  6. The Doctor: The Doctor uses a terrifying power of electricity to induce madness in survivors, impairing their ability to repair, heal, and hide effectively.
  7. The Clown: The Clown uses “The Afterpiece Tonic,” a throwable potion that creates a toxic cloud, impairing survivors’ vision and movement speed when they come in contact with it.

Each killer has strengths and weaknesses, and understanding these can significantly affect your gameplay. Their unique powers can turn the tides of a match and provide you with several strategic options during the hunt.


Survivors in Dead by Daylight Mobile have unique abilities or perks to help them evade the killer, save fellow survivors, or repair generators faster. Here are some of the survivor characters you can choose from:

  1. Dwight Fairfield: Dwight’s perks are oriented towards teamwork. He excels at improving the efficiency and speed of his fellow survivors when they are near him.
  2. Meg Thomas: Meg is known for her speed and stamina. Her perks make her a fast runner, allow for quick recoveries, and grant enormous sprint capabilities.
  3. Claudette Morel: Claudette has healing-centered perks, allowing her to heal herself and others quickly. She can also detect injured allies, making her the perfect medic for the group.
  4. Jake Park: Jake’s abilities revolve around stealth. His perks allow him to disable hooks quietly, and he’s hard to detect by the killer.
  5. Nea Karlsson: Nea is an urban artist with abilities that help her evade and explore urban areas. She can fall from heights without injury and move swiftly in an urban environment.
  6. Bill Overbeck: A tough old bird, Bill’s perks involve survival and protection. He can get up after being knocked down, ensure the killer’s attention is on him, and grant extra recovery chances to fellow survivors.
  7. Laurie Strode: Famously known as “The Final Girl,” Laurie’s perks relate to surviving and protecting others. She has increased chances of escaping the killer’s grasp and can even become the Killer’s sole obsession, taking the heat off other survivors momentarily.

Each survivor brings something unique to the table. Your choice depends on your preferred playing style. Whether you like sticking together as a team, being the heroic savior, or being the lone wolf who’s hard to catch, there’s a survivor for you.

Map introduction

In Dead by Daylight, the maps are known as realms, each with unique terrains and structures that influence gameplay. Here’s a brief introduction to some of them:

MacMillan Estate: Once a prosperous mining complex, now ruins. This map includes a mine shaft, broken-down structures, and an eerie decrepit central building.

Coldwind Farm: This map features cornfields that survivors can use as cover, farm buildings, and slaughterhouses. The tall, rustling corn can provide cover but also obscure the vision.

Crotus Prenn Asylum: Once an institution for mental health, now filled with broken walls and caved-in roofs. It features a two-story main building and a destroyed garden area.

Haddonfield: This tribute to the “Halloween” franchise features suburban houses, parked cars, and fenced-in areas, bringing a unique blend of horror to an everyday setting.

Red Forest: A dense, dark forest with tall trees that limit visibility, dreary cabins, and a desolate beach, providing a genuinely eerie setting.

Gideon Meat Plant: Originating from the “Saw” franchise, this claustrophobic map features mazes of bloody corridors and multiple floors, making chases tense and terrifying.

Each map has distinguishing features and structures, such as walls, windows, and pallets, which survivors can use to distract or lose the killer. For killers, understanding the nuances of each map can enhance hunting efficiency.

Killer’s guide

Playing as a killer in Dead by Daylight Mobile offers an intense, terrifying, yet thrilling experience. To help you in your endeavor to prevent any survivor from escaping, here is a comprehensive Killer’s Guide:

1. Understand Your Killer’s Power: Each killer offers a unique ability, whether it’s invisibility, teleportation, setting traps, or range attacks. Understanding and using these abilities efficiently can significantly improve your game.

2. Utilize Perks Effectively: Unlock and use perks suitable to your chosen killer. Choose perks that enhance your killer’s strengths or complement their weaknesses.

3. Learn to Predict Survivor Moves: A good killer must anticipate survivor moves. Rather than blindly following them, try to take a more strategic approach to rounding them up.

4. Importance of Patrolling Generators: Generators are your primary focus, as survivors must repair them to escape. Regularly patrolling these and interrupting repairs can significantly slow down their progress.

5. Hook Placement Strategy: After catching a survivor, hook them but ensure to strategically position yourself. Other survivors might likely come to their rescue, presenting you with an opportunity to catch more victims.

6. Practice Timing in Chases: There’s a slight delay when survivors vault windows or drop pallets. Ensure to optimize your time in chases, gaining on survivors as they carry out these actions.

7. Balance between Guarding and Hunting: While it’s essential to guard hooked survivors, it’s equally important to continue hunting others. Striking a balance is vital.


Dead by Daylight Mobile is a well-crafted and brilliantly executed horror survival game. It offers intense and thrilling gameplay, from comprehensive character selection to developing effective strategies. The game beautifully captures the essence of survival.

Whether you play as a survivor or a killer, practicing and understanding each role are the keys to excelling in this game. Enjoy the adrenaline rush, outsmart your opponents, and may the Entity favor you.

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If you are new to Dead by Daylight Mobile, this guide should have helped you understand the game’s dynamics.

Dead by Daylight Mobile: a comprehensive guide
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