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Odyssey Might Jailbreak iOS 14. 0 to iOS 14.5 No PC!

Odyssey Might Jailbreak iOS 14. 0 to iOS 14.2 No PC!

The developer from jailbreak tool Odyssey, CoolStar, has announced that Libhooker can work on iOS 14.0 - iOS 14.2 for A12+ and iOS 14.3 - iOS 14.5 Beta 1 for A12 - A14. It is a substantial progress for jailbreak commnunity as Libhooker is the fundamental part for jailbreak tweaks working on the jailbroken iOS devices.


Therefore, if you look for the jailbreak tool without PC, Odyssey is the most valuable jailbreak tool you wait for right now. For another popular jailbreak tool without PC, unc0ver, there is no any news yet about jailbreaking iOS 14 with it at the moment.


The release date of Odyssey jailbreaking iOS 14 isn't sure as developers need a long time to adapt and adjust Odyssey to keep the jailbreak process stable. However, if it is released, remember to head over Panda Helper to download Odyssey without PC.

How to Install Odyssey to Jailbreak iOS No PC?

  1. Download and install Panda Helper app. If you cannot open Panda Helper app after installation, please go to [Settings-General-Profile and Device Management] to trust the relevant certificate; if the app is grey, please install Panda Helper Web version to get Odyssey. Open Panda Helper Official website with Safari.


  1. Search for Odyssey jailbreak tool and download it.

Download-Odyssey-on-Panda-Helper NO PC

  1. Tap "Download" button to download.

  2. A pop-up will appear after the download finishes to tell you install the app.

  3. If you tap "Cancel" carelessly, please navigate to the main page of Panda Helepr and press here to install.


  1. Tap "Install" button to get Odyssey on your devices. If you cannot open it after installation, please go to [Settings-General-Profile and Device Management] to trust the corresponding certificate.


  1. Now you can jailbreak devices.


1. Backup your data before jailbreaking in case the jailbreak process occurs problems.

2. Rejailbreak devices if you restart iOS devices

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