Mobile Game Monster Hunter: Riders Released Today, Save The World with Dragon Knights

Today Capcom announced that its "Monster Hunter" mobile game "Monster Hunter: Riders" is officially launched.

The story of Monster Hunter: Riders takes place on the continent of Felgia, where 10 powerful dragon knights guard the land from the ancient cataclysm. The player will play the new dragon knight and defend against various evil invasions with different dragon partners.
Monster Hunter Riders
The game will use a refreshing command-and-combat system, which will be gradually strengthened during the battle, forming your skill combo! Many of the classic monsters and quests in the main article of Monster Hunter will appear in the game one after another. I hope you will see them smile.

The game will adopt the operation mode of free on-body + in-game micro-transactions. IOS and Android distribution are currently enabled.
Monster Hunter Riders

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