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    What are the best Legendaries in Monster Legends?

    If you are a big fan of classic MMO RPG games, never miss the Monster Legends. The makeup of your team is crucial when taking on computer-controlled monsters and more importantly in player-versus-player brawls. Pitting an optimal mix of monsters against certain enemy types can be the difference between celebrating the spoils of victory or going down in flames. You’d already know how to play Monster Legends Hack. It is essential to choose powerful Monster Legends monsters as much as possible. Do not miss the Legendaries! Read on to know what are the best Legendaries in Monster Legends.

    What are Legendaries in Monster Legends?

    Monster Legends is a fun and engaging mobile game where players can collect, breed, and battle various monsters, including Legendaries. In a confrontation, the choice of monsters is critical. Legends are powerful and sought-after monsters in the game, and mastering them is crucial to becoming a top player.

    Monster Legends monsters

    Types of Monster Legends monster

    There are different types of monsters in Monster Legends:

    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary

    Legendary monsters are the best in the game but are much more difficult to get than normal ones.

    How long does it take to breed a Legendary monster?

    • All legendary monsters have the same breeding time: 1 day 22 hours.
    • All epics have the same breeding time: 1 day 9 hours.
    Monster Legends screenshot

    What are the best Legendaries?

    Some of the best Legendaries in Monster Legends are available for purchase from the store, but others only can be obtained by breeding. The following best Legendaries are highly regarded because of their unique abilities, and they can help players win battles and rise to the top of the leaderboard.


    VoltaiK is very fast and has a high hit rate. If you give him a power rune, he can easily defeat the entire team in 1 round. But his power status is low, his cool-down time is long, and even if he has extra rounds, DOT and expectations exist.

    Polaris Sea

    Not only is Polaris one of my favorite monsters in game design, but he also has excellent rejection capabilities, his AoE Freeze and Bleed, his self-healing and self-removal, and his destructive “Sharp Star “move.

    General Darmith

    General Darmith has excellent data and great power, if you have it, then you make a lot of money! In the game, General Darmith can cooperate well with other monsters. Dragon Rage is one of the best moves in the game. If the enemy deals double damage to him, he will ignore 50% of all the damage he has taken. So it can help you defeat the powerful enemy of the opponent.


    Barbatos is the best dark monster, and unless he has no runes, you better not fight with him. This monster combines a crazy and powerful damage bonus with amazingly powerful endurance and is the most harmful destroyer in the game.


    Stunning peck, huge blind peck, new thunder. He can stun without cooling, can also deal huge damage without cooling, and is very fast.


    The legendary monsters will not be obstructed anyway, thanks to what is called a “box explosion”, which freezes them and inflicts great damage to the enemy. Varuna can put the entire enemy’s team into a deadlock cascade, he can freeze the opponent and stun damage.

    How to breed legendary monsters?

    You can check the list of breedable legendaries here. Note that only certain legendary monsters are permanently breedable. Outside of any breeding event, the combinations listed below are the only ways to breed the particular monsters. However, the chances of getting the monster are low.

    • Skipples + Duchess = Vadamagma
    • Musu + Terracrank = Rockantium
    • Rabidex + Tartarus = Thorder
    • Razfeesh + Drop Elemental = Lord of Atlantis
    • Rhynex + Darknubis = Nemestrinus
    • Esthirel + Goldcore = Arch Knight
    • Erpham + Drop Elemental = Goldfield
    • Fayemelina + Darknubis = Darkzgul

    Remember all legendary monsters take nearly two days to finish breeding and another two days for the egg to hatch.

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