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Monster Legends vs Dragon City: A comprehensive comparison

Monster Legends and Dragon City are two of the most popular MMO RPGs in competition. To find out which one’s better, read this ultimate guide. Which one is the winner in the duel between those two hits? Head below to know.

Overview of Monster Legends and Dragon City

Monster Legends and Dragon City both are popular mobile games developed by Social Point. As the creator of critically acclaimed games that have taken the world by storm, Social Point has created a large and active gaming community where passionate players share achievements, play together, and discuss new updates.

Monster Legends vs Dragon City

Monster Legends

Monster legends start on a blank island that you have to populate with monsters. You have to clear quests and challenges to unlock eggs and wait till they become hatchlings. The game’s primary goal is battle, and for that, you have to train and feed your monsters. Build each monster its paradise and gather an army to face off in PvP. You can even put the monsters in a duel and make gold and gems. You can expand your empire by purchasing other islands.

Dragon City

Like the above, Dragon City also has similar gameplay in which you have to raise dragons in place of monsters for battle. Grow the food of your dragons and train them for combat; you can also expand your dragon army through unique hybrids. Dragon skins are a unique feature of this game that are unlocked through quests and challenges. Another different feature of Dragon City is ‘orbs,’ which boosts the energy of your dragon. Although the game is free on the App Store, you will have to make in-app purchases further in the game.

Although both of those two games are free to download on the App Store, you will have to make in-app purchases further in the game. But don’t worry, you can get great hack features for free from downloading Monster Legends Hack and Dragon City Mobile mod APK.

Monster Legends vs Dragon City: Smilartities

  1. They are set in a fantasy world and involve collecting and breeding creatures.
  2. Both games feature multiplayer elements, allowing players to interact and compete with friends or other online players.
  3. Both games involve strategic combat, where players create a team of creatures and engage in battles against opponents.
  4. They offer regular events, challenges, and special limited-time content for players to participate in.

Monster Legends vs Dragon City: Differences


Monster Legends focuses on various mythical creatures like monsters, beasts, and legendary creatures, whereas Dragon City primarily revolves around dragons.

Gameplay Focus

Monster Legends emphasizes combat and building a team of powerful monsters for battles. Dragon City focuses on breeding and raising dragons, with a stronger emphasis on resource management and city-building aspects.

Battle Mechanics

Monster Legends offers turn-based combat, where players strategically choose skills and abilities for their monsters. Dragon City features real-time combat, where players control dragons directly in battles.

Resource Management

Monster Legends incorporates elements like habitat management and resource collection for monster growth and progression. Dragon City has more emphasis on managing habitats and resources to hatch, raise, and breed dragons.

Creature Types

Monster Legends features a wide range of creature types, including fire, nature, water, and more, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Dragon City focuses solely on different breeds and elemental types of dragons.

While both games share some similarities in terms of gameplay mechanics and social features, their core themes, gameplay focus, and mechanics differentiate them, offering distinct experiences to players.

Final verdict

Let’s skip to the good part, shall we? Between the duel of Monster Legends and Dragon City, the first one took the trophy because of its uniqueness and addictiveness. Although Dragon City is a pretty decent RPG, it doesn’t have the cute animations and gameplay as the Monsters. So you know which one to play first, go to the Panda Helper and start raising your monsters.

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Monster Legends vs Dragon City: A comprehensive comparison

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