How To Speed Up Slow Animations in Monster Super League? (Like Android x8 Speeder)

Monster Super League is a monster catching MMO for mobile phone developed by 4:33. The graphics of this game is so pretty and I love that. Over 550 types of Astromon await you in this game, and in different area, there is unique storylines that can bring more surprises to players.

But this game also has a game design that isn't good for free players. It requires heavy farming unless you are willing to pay the game for real cash. So is there any good way to speed up more efficient farming? Yeah, with Panda Speeder, we can achieve it!

Panda Speeder is supported to play Monster Super League now. We can speed up the Monster Super League slow animations by using Panda Speeder and get more efficient farming.

What is the Panda Speeder Feature? (Monster Super League Demo)

Panda Speeder is a new feature which can control your game speed on iOS platform without jailbreak. It is similar to X8 Speeder on Android that you can speed up or speed down your games.Do you want to know what Panda Speeder is all about? Let's take a look at the game demo below.

How To Use Panda Speeder in Monster Super League without jailbreak

Step 1: First of all, you need to download Panda Helper VIP. If you have already installed Panda Helper VIP, update Panda VIP to the latest version.
Panda Helper official website:
Panda Speeder
Step 2: Then download Monster Super League from Panda Helper VIP. If you have already installed Monster Super League, please re-download them from Panda Helper VIP.
Monster Super League
Step 3: Open Monster Super League and Wait for a moment, and you will see the "Speeder" icon in Monster Super League. Click "Speeder" icon, then click the "Get" button.
Monster Super League
Step 4: Select the game speed rate and click on the triangle's "Start" button. Then you can speed up the game! Enjoy it.
Monster Super League

In addition, many popular games also support Panda Speeder. Go to Panda VIP and search for [Speeder] in Panda Helper. You will find games which support [Speeder] in Panda Collection. The use of Speeder may result in the account being banned at your own risk.
Panda Speeder

Videos About Games Support Panda Speeder

The following videos are about the games which have successfully added the speed hack feature. You will love them.

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