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    3 Facts About Dogecoin and Tron

    Doge history of creation

    Dogecoin was launched jokingly for the purpose to become more popular than Bitcoin. The token was introduced in 2013 by two programmers Billy Marcus, who worked at IBM, and Jackson Palmer, an Adobe engineer. The founders did not set out to make a profit from Dogecoin, they just wanted to demonstrate how an unknown digital asset suddenly might become in demand. In 2014, the Dogecoin Foundation organization was established. Later, in 2015, the project stopped developing and Palmer left it. However, already in 2021, the Dogecoin Foundation resumed its activities with a renewed management team with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk’s representative Jared Birchall, Dogecoin`s co-founder Billy Marcus, and a developer Max Keller in it.

    Throughout Dogecoin’s existence, there have been three powerful upward movements in the token’s price, which happened thanks to Musk. He constantly expressed his support for Dogecoin in his tweets, noting its higher bandwidth compared to Bitcoin, and sharing with followers where it could be used for payment. Investors believed in Dogecoin, buying it up, and pushing the price up.

    3 Facts about Dogecoin

    1. Dogecoin creation within 2 hours

    Billy Marcus tweeted that when they were launching the project in 2 hours they didn’t take anything into account.

    2. Shiba is the dog in the project logo

    It’s worth mentioning that since Dogecoin’s emergence, several coins have been released with the involvement of dogs on their logos. The Corgi Token is another dog-based meme cryptocurrency. This asset is a “decentralized community-based cryptocurrency” based on the Ethereum blockchain.

    3. Dogecoin Community

    Dogecoin has one of the greatest associations among all cryptocurrencies. The participants strongly believe in the happy future of crypto, and no wonder the Shiba motto is “To the Moon”. They give huge amounts of money to make their favorite cryptocurrency more sought-after.

    Tron history of creation

    A Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun has led TRON. In 2012, Justin Sun started learning about the world of cryptocurrency and investing in Bitcoins. Over the years, he gained experience and in 2017 he created his TRON Foundation, which was the beginning.

    In tight circles, Justin is called a marketing genius as he significantly influences the market, and the price of TRX and basically uses aggressive marketing. What does that mean? Bad publicity is also publicity. When experts analyzed his White Paper, it was noticed that some of the materials were copied from other projects.

    3 Facts about Tron

    1. During the ICO, the project team raised a very impressive amount of $70 million. TRON was supported by such influential Chinese businessmen as Xu Xu, founder of Nebulas Hitters, Tan Binsan, founder of Clash of Kings, Xue Manzi, a well-known Chinese investor, Wang Chaoyun, founder of China Equity Group, and Dai Wei, CEO of OFO.
    2. Although the first coin was floated in Beijing, Justin Sun chose to register the legal entity in Singapore. He was apparently influenced by the Singapore government’s commitment to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry.
    3. TRX vs Doge is subject to a fair amount of criticism in the planetary cryptocurrency context, despite the fact that it has received a lot of support from Chinese investors and businesses. Some skeptics, in particular, believe that the project will not be able to produce a viable product. But given that the coin was created by an ardent enthusiast and a lover of innovation, it gives a chance for the platform to constantly evolve and keep up with modern trends.

    You can buy TRON and Doge cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate at Godex.io. Study the chart, use the calculator, and swap KLAY to BNB and many other crypto pairs.

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