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    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack

    • Size: 218.00MB
    • Version: 0.29.1
    • Update: 2022-12-12
    Install by Panda Helper

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack Screenshot

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad HackRaft Survival : Desert Nomad HackRaft Survival : Desert Nomad HackRaft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack Description

    Hack Features:
    - Unlimited Currencies
    - God Mode
    - No Thirst/Hunger

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack Guide

    Overview of Raft Survival: Desert Nomad Hack

    Raft Survival: Desert Nomad Hack - is a mobile survival game where you play as a castaway stranded on a raft in a vast desert. You must collect resources, and craft tools, and build a shelter to survive in the harsh desert environment. The game features elements of exploration, survival, and resource management. Your only goal is to try to survive only on a raft floating in the air.

    You have to overcome hunger, and thirst in the endless desert. Predatory animals and terrible monsters inhabit the area. So you have to escape from an unknown threat on a floating Raft.

    You must explore a large-scale location to provide yourself with everything you need. There are dilapidated structures that can be used as building materials. You will also have to learn how to extract useful resources, food and fresh water, sew clothes and make the right things.


    How to play Raft Survival: Desert Nomad

    Raft Survival: Desert Nomad is a survival game that tasks the player with surviving in a harsh desert environment while stranded on a raft. To survive, the player must collect resources, such as wood, food, and water. They must also craft tools and build structures to protect themselves from the elements and danger.

    To play:

    Gather resources: Look for items floating in the water or on desert islands. Use your hook to collect them.

    Craft items: Use the resources you collect to craft items such as a raft, weapons, and tools.

    Expand your raft: Keep adding to your raft to make it larger and stronger.

    Explore the islands: Explore nearby islands to gather resources and discover new items.

    Defend yourself: Beware of hostile creatures and other hazards in the desert. Use your weapons to defend yourself.

    Survival: Manage your hunger, thirst, and health to stay alive as long as possible.

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Cheats

    You need to keep an eye on three important survival stats throughout the game. There are health, hunger, and thirst index. Health is affected by wounds. Your health decreases when fighting, and you lose health when the weather is too hot.

    For hunger and thirst, when it is about 20%, you have to eat and drink immediately so that you won’t lose strength very quickly. All your crafting activities in the game will affect these two stats. Traveling a lot in the desert to collect items, and crafting continuously also makes you hungry and thirsty more quickly. You need to eat continuously to regain strength when sick or injured.

    In the desert, there are many dangers. You not only have to find a way to survive by collecting food, drink, and mechanical systems to make tools. You are also scared because the monsters are lurking on the hot sand of the desert. Just slight neglect is enough for you to be grabbed. The secret to detecting monsters appearing is to look at the monster's health bar on the screen. Whenever a monster comes near, this bar will naturally change color, indicating that the monster is energetic and ready to enter the battle with you. So, in addition to paying attention to the survival stats, we also need to glance at this health bar.

    When facing monsters, you have three directions to choose from. The first is to run to the hot air balloon. The monster can't get there because it can only move in the sand. The second is to confront it directly but to do this, you must have the necessary equipment and weapons, which means that you cannot fight them in the early stages. The third is to run faster in another direction to collect resources, which is a bit dangerous because if you get hungry or thirsty, you will be easily caught.

    Every time you collect rare resources and successfully fight monsters or complete each game's task, you will collect many bonus points. This point is used to upgrade the character's skills. 

    Survival skills

    There are three main types of skills: survival, build and attack. Survival skills include fighting skills, collecting items, making clothes, cooking recipes, etc. Build skills are the ability to craft simple to complex items and build different game areas. Attack skills involve weapons and armor that will help you maintain your best fighting ability against monster enemies. Each time you collect points, you will consider the current situation and decide with that score what skills you need to improve, and what the most urgent thing is.

    All these skills take time to master, even if you have them in hand. Getting to know, learn and master skills is also important in prolonging your life.

    The challenge is only increasing day by day, not decreasing

    At first, survival is quite tricky because you have nothing in hand. You have to collect each stone to build a greenhouse to grow food, build a dew and rain collector machine to get water, collect each type of seed to grow like potato and carrot, and collect small pieces of firewood to expand the space of the air balloons, and maintain the flame to ensure that the hot air balloons can fly up at any time... There are many things in life that you have to pay attention to at the same time.

    Later the game becomes more difficult. You face many challenges because of the weather. During the day, it is scorching. At night, it is freezing, you can get sick. Sometimes it also comes with dark sandstorms. Monsters appear more and more because they can smell you. You have more advanced weapons and can make more cool things, but items are also rarer, and challenges are more.

    Fortunately, after completing each task, you will receive valuable rewards and bonus points like increasing the speed of the balloon, unlocking game upgrades and unlocking many other survival tools. The game can go on forever.

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    Table of comparisons








    Raft Survival: Desert Nomad

    Desert island

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Medium

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    Dinosaur-filled island

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Hard


    Underwater world

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    Post-apocalyptic world

    Yes Yes Yes No Hard


    Post-apocalyptic world

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    7 Days to Die

    Zombie-filled world

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Hard

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack download

    Whether you are an iOS player, downloading Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack requires you to do some steps.

    First, we could go to the Panda Helper official website to download and install Panda Helper.

    Next, search Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack in the search column.

    Then, Get Genshin Impact free downloads from the Panda Helper.

    Now, you have downloaded the app.  Go and enjoy playing the game.


    Is Raft Survival: Desert Nomad multiplayer

    Yes, it supports multiplayer.

    What are the main features of Raft Survival: Desert Nomad?

    Survival elements such as gathering resources, building structures, and avoiding danger.

    Final thoughts

    Playing Raft Survival: Desert Nomad can be a fun and challenging experience for players who enjoy survival games and navigating dangerous environments. The combination of survival elements and raft-building mechanics adds a unique twist to the gameplay. The game's overall enjoyment will depend on graphics, gameplay mechanics, and player engagement. Ultimately, the player's experience and conclusion of playing Raft Survival: Desert Nomad will vary based on personal preferences and how well the game is executed.

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack Information

    Name Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack

    Category Games

    Developer Panda Helper

    Version 0.29.1

    Update 2022-12-12

    Languages English,Chinese

    Size 218.00MB

    Compatibility Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Other Original Version

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack Screenshot

    Raft Survival : Desert Nomad HackRaft Survival : Desert Nomad HackRaft Survival : Desert Nomad HackRaft Survival : Desert Nomad Hack



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