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    Beginner’s guide to the Truck Simulator Ultimate game 

    The mission of Truck Simulator Ultimate is to drive all kinds of trucks around the world to complete the transportation of goods. The game offers a great sense of immersion in the world of truck driving, making it seem as if the player is actually driving the truck. The game offers a large number of city maps, including the United States, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, and more.

    Players can drive their own trucks through the major highways, enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the fun of truck driving! The most important thing is that the game also supports multiplayer online. You can participate in joint freight or seasonal races with your friends.

    What’s new in Truck Simulator Ultimate 2023

    The latest version of Truck Simulator Ultimate 2023 has a lot of new features. There is a new large map open, 100 city maps open, a new series of trucks, a new year-round weather conditions switch, and a DLC mode system and other content.

    The game highly reproduces the driving process of simulated trucks in reality and restores the real feel of real trucks. The steering wheel, gas pedal, brake, D gear R gear, lights, and other functions are all available. At the same time, it also brings players toll booths, rest areas, real weather, and other scenes.

    In the new version also added cockpit accessories, a color creation system, an LED screen, curtains, FPS, and other settings. All these bring the ultimate gaming experience to the players.

    Players have three different modes to maneuver the trucks, which are left and right buttons, steering wheel, or gravity balance sensing. There are plenty of scenarios and more than 32 vehicles to choose from within the game. The game also supports players to buy and upgrade trucks. As in the real world, the game also supports MF radio and map navigation voice functions.

    Truck Simulator Ultimate

    Truck Simulator Ultimate Game highlights

    1. With the most advanced 3D engine, players can feel the real truck driving experience.
    2. Off-road races, obstacle races, time trials, and other game forms can better train players’ driving skills and strategies.
    3. Players can improve the performance and experience of the truck by purchasing and upgrading different parts of the truck (such as tires, engines, and steering systems).

    A must for newcomers

    Truck Simulator Ultimate centers on driving trucks and currently offers four classes of trucks ranging from Class C, C1, C+E, and E. As the truck class increases, the driving performance will also increase tremendously. The difference in driving performance of trucks of different grades is mainly manifested in boost and top speed. These two factors can bring players higher efficiency in freight transportation and reduce the waste of time.

    Although the game doesn’t run directly on PC, it requires the help of an Android emulator. Here’s the guide: How to play Truck Simulator Ultimate on PC.

    How to get currencies in Truck Simulator Ultimate

    The source of cash in the game can be earned in a number of ways. One of them is watching video ads, which will get you a certain amount of cash gifts, up to 2,635 (which is the most I’ve gotten so far), but of course, the amount of cash for this reward is variable, depending on your luck.

    You can also earn cash by accepting trucking jobs. There are multiple levels of jobs available in the game, as long as your truck’s level meets the minimum level requirement for that job. The rewards for in-game work missions can be up to 15,700, and on top of that, every time you accept a job offer, there are some additional rewards attached to it, which add up to about 2W for a single work mission.

    When you’ve harvested enough cash, you can take it and buy stronger, higher-level trucks. This way, you accept job offers at a higher level and earn more money, which means that the efficiency of earning money increases.

    If you don’t want to drive your own truck to get the job done, then you can use the Hire Driver service available within the game. There are different price options offered in the driver service area, the highest being 15,000 cash required. Playing the game is all about the feeling of being at the controls, and if you give the controls to the driver, then the fun of the game is lost.

    The last method is to use a mod. Truck Simulator Ultimate mod apk offers Infinite Currencies; No Ads; Premium unlocked features. Using it will greatly increase the efficiency of the game’s upgrades.

    Driving tips

    Once you have driven in the game, you will realize that the truck driving in the game is a true 100% simulation of real trucks. All the operations and effects are exactly the same as in reality. Only now, it is controlled by your finger. Click on any function you need to turn it on. The operation becomes much simpler.

    How to connect online play with friends

    1. Online needs conditions. First of all, players need to complete two tasks in the career mode.
    2. After completing the two tasks, click ONLINE on the top.
    3. After entering, we can see 3 servers. Choose any server to connect to. In the account password interface can also directly point to log in, it does not need a username and password.
    4. If the interface of charge/subscription pops up, click the x above to close it.
    5. The game interface will welcome you back and show the status of a successful login.
    6. Choose any one of several servers to connect to. You can successfully enter the game lobby of the online mission.
    7. With your partner to choose the same goods, you can play together happily. Note: choose the same server and map!

    How to download Truck Simulator Ultimate

    For iOS

    Panda Helper offers a mod version of Truck Simulator Ultimate for iPhone, iPad. It comes with the following features: Infinite Currencies, No Ads, Premium.

    In the game, Currencies can be used to upgrade the level of your trucks, so that you can take on higher level missions and get more Currencies to complete them more efficiently.

    If you are an iPhone, iPad user, you can check out this tutorial on how to download games from Panda Helper.


    Is “Truck Simulator: Ultimate” available on mobile devices?

    Yes, “Truck Simulator: Ultimate” is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Requires Android 7.0 or higher and at least 2GB of RAM. Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Players with other devices can try playing the game on low settings.

    Can I play “Truck Simulator: Ultimate” on my PC?

    Truck Simulator:Ultimate is only support for mobile like iOS and Android. Fortunately, with the help of an Android emulator, you can enjoy the game on PC’s larger screen and with better graphics. If you want to know exactly how to do it, check out “How to play Truck Simulator Ultimate on PC?”

    Beginner’s guide to the Truck Simulator Ultimate game 
    How to play Truck Simulator Ultimate on PC?

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