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An ultimate guide to Traffic Racer game


Overview of the Traffic Racer game

Traffic Racer is an exciting and engaging game that mesmerizes newbies and professional gamers with its absorbing elements. Fuelled by impressive graphics, realistic motor sounds, and attractive car models, Traffic Racer fundamentally shifts your perception of the arcade racing genre.

Undoubtedly, the game’s endless racing genre is remarkably intriguing. It offers a fun-filled, packed action experience, allowing for an endless drive in many landscapes, ranging from suburb to desert snow and city night. With more than 35 different car models to choose from, five detailed environments, and five game modes, Traffic Racer indeed provides a diverse and comprehensive racing experience. Let’s try it now.

How to play the Traffic Racer

Playing Traffic Racer is not necessarily intricate. To move to the right or the left, the player has to tilt the device. On the other hand, breaking involves touching the screen. The control mechanism aims to mimic the driving experience as much as possible.

Traffic Racer game

One exciting aspect is that the game rewards players for driving faster. Bonus points and cash are awarded if the player exceeds 100 km/h. However, players need to avoid colliding with any other vehicles, as this will result in a game over.

Traffic Racer aims to maintain the highest speed possible while seamlessly navigating highway traffic. Accumulating points and cash along the way allows you to upgrade your car or buy a new one.

Why we choose the Traffic Racer

The first thing a player might notice about Traffic Racer is the level of detail implemented in the game. Each car is meticulously designed, making it more than just a simple silhouette on a two-dimensional plane. This, alongside the realistic handling characteristics of the vehicles, makes the gaming experience incredibly immersive.

Other notable highlights include over 35 car models, five detailed environments, each with a unique vibe, five game modes (Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial, Police Chase, and Free Ride), and rich types of NPC traffic, including trucks, buses, and SUVs. The game offers an online leaderboard and achievements function, allowing racers to compete against each other.

Some tips and tricks for sharing

Learning to play Traffic Racer is easy, but mastering it takes time.

The closer you get to other cars while overtaking, the more points and cash you will earn. Driving over 100 km/h also gives bonus scores and cash.

You can also earn extra cash by performing complicated maneuvers. Try driving in the opposite direction in Two-Way mode to earn more cash. Consequently, you can use this cash to upgrade your car, making it easier to reach higher scores. Then, let’s learn more about the tips to get more scores and cash.

And we can learn more tips from the highway Traffic Racer tips sharing.

Anticipation and braking

Brake: We can brake by pressing and holding our vehicle while moving forward.

Anticipation: You can determine whether the vehicle in front will turn by observing its taillights.

Prejudgment allows us to detect dangers in time and be prepared while moving forward, while braking allows us to help us regain the situation when the situation is about to get out of control. These two skills are efficient, and more practice can help us progress.

Vehicle improvements

In addition to the operations, wanting to go further is crucial to improving the vehicle. In the game, we can improve many aspects of the vehicle. Of course, the most critical improvement is speed. Only faster speed makes us happy as racers.

Similar games to Traffic Racer

Then, let’s learn some games similar to the Traffic Racer.

Traffic Rider: This game is by the same developer as Traffic Racer. Instead of a car, you control a motorcycle from a first-person perspective. The game provides a more immersive experience and is packed with detailed environments, real-life recorded motor sounds, and plenty of bikes to choose from.

Real Racing 3: This game offers a realistic racing experience with detailed vehicle mechanics, a diverse range of tracks, and detailed car models. It also features real-world locations and a full line-up of real racing cars from prestigious manufacturers.

Need for Speed: No Limits: Developed by Firemonkeys Studios, this game offers many customization options to build your dream car from scratch. It also includes tons of licensed cars and a rich racing experience with excellent graphics. Compose your car with different parts and then use it to race in different modes.

Overall, we can download all of these games from Panda Helper. Let’s download the Traffic Racer Mod APK and hack the version to experience it together.


Traffic Racer has benchmarked the endless racing genre with its awe-inspiring graphics and immersive gameplay. Whether a beginner or an advanced gamer, you will find it hard to get enough of this game. Now that you know how to play Traffic Racer and some handy tips and tricks, what are you waiting for? Buckle up, press the accelerator, and let your journey begin!

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