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    What are Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs hybrids and how to make them

    Jurassic World Alive is a mobile game that allows players to collect and interact with various species of dinosaurs in augmented reality (AR). Developed by Ludia Inc., the game offers a unique experience where players can explore their real-world surroundings to locate and capture dinosaurs. You can make new dinosaurs hybrids in Jurassic World Alive.

    Jurassic World Alive gameplay

    Jurassic World Alive hybrids

    Collecting Dinosaurs:

    Players can explore their real-world surroundings using GPS technology to find and capture different species of dinosaurs. These dinosaurs can be found in various locations such as parks, streets, and landmarks.

    Creating Dinosaurs:

    Once players have collected enough DNA samples from different dinosaurs, they can use a DNA fusion process to create new hybrid dinosaurs with unique abilities and characteristics.

    Battle Arena:

    In the Battle Arena, players can compete against other players from around the world in real-time battles using their collection of dinosaurs. Strategic planning and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each dinosaur are crucial for success.

    Exploration and Missions:

    The game also offers exploration and mission-based gameplay. Players can complete various tasks, challenges, and missions to earn rewards and progress in the game.

    Team Building:

    Players can join or create alliances with other players to collaborate and strategize together. This allows for cooperative gameplay, sharing resources, and participating in alliance-based events.

    Events and Updates:

    The game regularly introduces new events, updates, and features to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. This includes limited-time events, special dinosaurs, and new gameplay modes.

    What are Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs hybrids?

    Jurassic World Alive hybrids 2

    Jurassic World Alive features a variety of hybrid dinosaurs that can be created by combining the DNA of different dinosaur species. Some of the hybrid dinosaurs in the game include:

    Indominus Rex: A hybrid of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor.

    Indoraptor: A hybrid of Indominus Rex and Velociraptor.

    Erlidominus: A hybrid of Erlikosaurus and Indominus Rex Gen 2.

    Trykosaurus: A hybrid of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ankylosaurus.

    Diorajasaur: A hybrid of Rajasaurus and Diorajasaur Gen 2.

    Utarinex: A hybrid of Utahraptor and Einiosaurus.

    Magnapyritor: A hybrid of Pyroraptor and Dimetrodon Gen 2.

    Thoradolosaur: A hybrid of Allosaurus Gen 2 and Tarbosaurus.

    These are just a few examples of the hybrid dinosaurs available in the game. There are many more hybrids to discover and create as you progress in Jurassic World Alive.

    How can you make Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs hybrids?

    To create hybrids in the Jurassic World Alive game, you need to collect DNA from different dinosaur species. Here are the steps to make hybrids:

    Collect DNA: Explore the game’s map and locate dinosaurs to collect their DNA. You can find dinosaurs by visiting supply drops, participating in events, or incubating dinosaur eggs.

    Fuse DNA: Once you have collected enough DNA from two different dinosaur species, you can fuse them together to create a hybrid. Go to the “Lab” section of the game and select the dinosaurs you want to fuse.

    Level up your hybrids: After creating a hybrid, you can continue collecting DNA to level it up. Increasing the level of your hybrids will make them stronger and more powerful.

    Battle and earn rewards: Use your hybrids in battles against other players or AI opponents to earn rewards. These rewards can include more DNA, which you can use to create and level up additional hybrids.

    Remember, each hybrid requires a specific combination of dinosaur DNA, and some hybrids may be rarer or more challenging to create than others. Keep exploring, collecting DNA, and experimenting with different combinations to create powerful hybrids in Jurassic World Alive.

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    What are Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs hybrids and how to make them
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