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    Survivor.io cheats and tips


    Survivor.io is a good adventure game on iOS and Android phones. You will collect energy and constantly upgrade your weapons in a city full of zombies to survive! As you know, you can get Survivor.io cheats to unlock the “God Mod” and High Attack Speed here.

    • App Name: Survivor.io
    • Publisher: Hobby
    • Genre: Adventure
    • MOD Info: Godmode, High Attack Speed

    Survivor.io cheats for beginners

    The post will cover the Survivor.io cheats and guide for beginners. Let’s get started.

    First, you need to know that the character survives for 15 minutes. The stage has a time limit, and you can clear the stage by defeating the BOSS that appears at the end.

    1. Annihilating enemies and learning skills

    Survivor.io is an action RPG that defeats over 1000 zombies and tries to survive as long as possible. It would be best if you tracked the screen to move your character and shoot zombies that appear from the edge of the screen. To survive longer, you must strengthen your character. As you know, Killing zombies will drop experience gems. Your character will level up if you pick up a specific number. Equip the best weapon and stock up on the best skills to win the Game. It will solute the survive question if you download the hacks for Survivor.io.

    2. The Archer Legend system

    The system of the Survivor io game is quite close to the roguelike shooting RPG of the “Archer Legend” system. You will surely encounter the boss during the Battle. It will be cleared if you survive to the end of the stage.

    3. Survivor.io best equipment

    In the Survivor.io Hacks, Lightchaser, Kunai, and Baseball Bat are the three best weapons. In other words, not all Survivor.io weapons are great. If you need, check the Survivor io tier list to get the best weapon and skill in the Game.

    Survivor.io cheats and tips in the battle

    • Survivor io Tips I: It is best to keep moving to avoid being targeted by enemies with long-range striking abilities. Continuous movement is the easiest and most effective tactic in the Game.
    • Survivor io TipsⅡ: You will find many wooden crates that can be crushed with weapon skills. You must destroy the wooden chests to get powerful items or currency.
    • Survivor io Tips Ⅲ: Look for meat with using all your free time. What you can’t think of is that meat can heal you. Yes, It is useful.
    • Survivor io Tips IV: Collect the green crystals to raise your battle level.
    • Survivor io Tips Ⅴ: Don’t spend gems on regular resources. You can obtain it by watching ads or playing games. But gems are tough to obtain, and you must spend them wisely.
    • Survivor io Tips Ⅵ: Collect the drops from the golden chests that spawn on the map. And it can be swapped freebies.

    How to Play Survivor.io Hacked version?

    Firstly, download the latest Survivor io hacks from Panda Helper iOS version.

    Survivor.io cheats

    Secondly, Enter the main page of the Game, and you will survive in the Wild Streets.

    Survivor.io cheats on iOS

    Thirdly, We will kill the zombies that come to us in the street, and pay attention to avoid their attacks.

    Survivor.io gameplay

    Then, You have to pick up the green gems on the street in time, and when the energy bar at the top of the screen is full, you can upgrade and acquire.

    Survivor.io tips

    In the end, Defeat all zombies in the Survivor.io Hack.

    download Survivor.io for cheats

    Experience the game review

    In my opinion, “Survivor.io,” as a medium-to-heavy game, has designed rich game content, from introductory levels and monsters to skills, equipment, and various structures that are perfect. Secondly, the design of the weapon is eye-catching. It was mentioned before that the football bounces on the screen as a weapon. In addition, there are baseball bats that can be equipped and upgraded as weapons in the Game. Of course, there are also a variety of guns. Finally, the cartoon shape that resembles the pixel style is beautiful to players of all ages and genders.

    After talking about the advantages, let me complain about this Game that I uninstalled in less than 10 minutes. The experience props are too small! If you think minor characters are cute, you can do it more delicately, but control the dosage carefully. As a green light spot in the game experience, it is so tiny that it almost occupies a pixel of the mobile phone screen. This setting will bring players a poor gaming experience. Of course, maybe that’s why I’ve played games like Magic Survival, Blob Hero, Gun & Dungeons, etc., before this. Secondly, there are also specific problems with the game values. The level of matching between the monster’s experience, HP, and leveling-up experience is very uncomfortable.


    If you are a fan of roguelike games, have a soft spot for supermini characters, and have experienced products such as “Archero,” please don’t miss this “Survivor.io” easily.

    Survivor.io cheats and tips
    Survivor.io Hacks download on iOS

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