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Beginners guide on how to use Snapchat


Introduction to Snapchat

Snapchat is an engaging application that allows users to share fleeting moments through photo and video “snaps.” In essence, the app allows for the communication of visual narratives that disappear after 24 hours. This transient aspect adds an immediacy and authenticity that numerous users have come to appreciate. Each snap can be customized with an array of filters, stickers, text, and augmented reality effects, piquing the interest of the most creative users.

What can Snapchat do?

Snapchat app is a social media platform where you keep in touch with your friends worldwide by sharing your life story. Besides, the app helps you explore news worldwide, and keeping in touch via live messaging makes life much more fun.

  • Autosave features: This auto-save feature allows users to save their videos and photos.
  • Hide Status: This feature allows the user to hide their status from those who don’t want to review their details.
  • Download videos and stories in HD quality. The app allows downloading any video and reporting in HD quality. However, not all official Snapchat versions have this feature.
  • Best Watch captions. With it, you can watch captions of the best videos and stories.
  • No charges. It is free to use. Yes, Snapchat is free for anyone to use.
  • Chat in real-time with your friends and groups at any corner of the globe via your Snapchat++ Apk.
  • Mute boring stories. There are those stories you don’t want to hear or videos you don’t like to know or see; you can mute them from your timeline.
  • Follow and get followed by your friends. You can easily track anyone you like on it to know whatever they post about their lives.
  • Capture a picture of the moment. You can take pictures of the surrounding area or yourself and edit the photo using a wide range of filters in the app.

How to use Snapchat?

Getting started with Snapchat

To begin your Snapchat journey, you will need to download the app from either the Panda Helper VIP for iOS or Panda Helper Android for Android. Once you have the app installed, open it and sign up. You’re ready to start snapping after creating a unique username and password and indicating your email address and birthday.

Understanding the interface

When you first open Snapchat, you will see the camera view. Here are a few points for initial navigation:

When you first open Snapchat, you will see the camera view. Here are a few points for initial navigation:

Snap Button: The snap button is at the bottom. One tap takes a photo, while holding it, a video is recorded.

How to use Snapchat Snap Button

Camera Switch Button: You can switch between the rear and front cameras on the top right.

How to use Snapchat Camera Switch Button

Profile Access: Click your Bitmoji or profile icon in the top left to access your profile and settings.

How to use Snapchat Profile Access

To Discover Page: Swipe right to view the Discover page filled with content from publishers, influencers, and any users you are subscribed to.

How to use Snapchat to Discover Page

To Chats Page: Swipe left to open the chats page. Here, you can see your friends’ snaps, messages, and conversations.

How to use Snapchat to Chats Page

Story: Swipe down from the camera view to see your story and stories from your friends.

How to use Snapchat story

Sharing a Snap

  • To share a snap, tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to take a photo or hold down on it to record a video.
  • Then, you can use the icons on the right to add emojis, text, or doodles.
    On the far right, you will find stickers and filters.
  • When you’re happy with your snap, tap the blue arrow on the bottom right.
  • You can then send it directly to friends, add it to ‘My Story’ for all your friends to see, or save it to Memories.

The above are some steps on how to use Snapchat.

Apps like Snapchat

Instagram is the world’s favorite mobile camera, showing no signs of slowing down.

Tik Tok is a short-form video app that allows users to share videos ranging from 2 to 15 seconds.

Messenger++ is a simple yet powerful messenger that learns how to improve with experience. Messenger++ learns and adapts based on the messages it receives from you!

WeChat is China’s most widely used social messaging app, with over one billion monthly active users.

 WhatsApp is the best messaging app in the world. It’s free, secure, and, best of all. You can text, share photos, and call anyone at any time or place.

 Kik is a messaging app that connects people through short, written messages and emojis to build new communities and find new friends.

Some other Snapchat versions sharing

Not only the Snapchat, we can also download the other versions of it from Panda Helper.


Snapchat Falcon Hack

Caption Remover for Snapchat*

And we can learn how to download Snapchat++ and Snapchat++ features from the Snapchat++ tutorial.

Although now Snapchat Phantom is temporarily removed from Panda Helper. We can also follow the tutorial on downloading Snapchat Phantom for iOS 17.

Frequently asked questions about Snapchat

Snapchat FAQs

A: First, install the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device. When you first open the app, hit the 'Sign Up' button and follow the prompts to create an account.
A: There are several ways to add friends on Snapchat. One common method is by searching a friend's username in the search bar at the top of the screen. You can also add friends using their Snapcode, or from your device's address book in the 'Add Friends' section.
A: A Snapcode is a unique QR-style code assigned to each user. Your friends can scan your Snapcode using their Snapchat camera to add you.
A: A Snapchat score is a measure of your activity on the app, taking into account the number of snaps you've sent, received, and the stories you've posted. However, the exact algorithm is known only to Snapchat.
A: In most cases, once a Snap has been viewed and the timer runs out, it is deleted from Snapchat's servers and cannot be retrieved.
A: Friend emojis are Snapchat's way of keeping track of your interactions with your Snapchat friends. For example, a '💛' by someone's name signifies them as your 'best friend', indicating you send more snaps to this individual than to anyone else.
A: Snap Map is a feature that lets you share your current location with your Snapchat friends, or view their location (if they've likewise chosen to share theirs). You can also see stories from other Snapchat users around the world.
A: Yes, you can send a snap to multiple recipients by checking off their names in your contacts list before pressing 'Send'.

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