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    MARVEL Contest of Champions Hack beginners guide

    This Marvel Contest of Champions beginners guide will introduce the fighting game skills that will allow you to quickly improve your fighting ability. Read on to learn more about how to start the game.

    Although the basic operations of the Marvel Contest Of Champions are only light, medium, and heavy Attack, Dodge, and Block, each champion has different attack methods, additional attributes, and skills at different stages. A proficient player who knows himself and his opponent can’t even challenge an enemy with a strength of more than 100,000 with a Marvel Contest of Champion Characters of thousands of power.

    Marvel Contest Of Champions Beginner Guide

    Marvel Contest Of Champions gameplay

    Marvel Contest Of Champions (MOCO) was first released in October 2014. It is regarded as a very successful mobile fighting game. The game has been in the top 20 of the App Store‘s best-selling list for a long time. It has continued to this day and has not regressed, and its vitality is robust!

    The gameplay of this game is relatively unique. Although it is a side-board fighting PVE, the Alliance mode (including Alliance mission AQ and Alliance war AW) is essential to other players’ development! It cleverly binds players together. This is not obvious in the early stages, but it is evident in the middle and late stages.

    In general, it is not a stand-alone game at all. It is necessary to join an Alliance in the game and find a group of players with similar progress to yourself.

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    How to play Marvel Contest Of Champions?

    Beginners must play more battles, become more familiar with the various contents of the game, and find an Alliance that suits them. It is highly not recommended to trade gold for Crystal. The following are what newbies must know before starting the game.


    Please remember your account password and account creation date. If you delete MOCO and reinstall it, the game progress may not be retained, so you need to use the account password to log in.

    Beginners Stage

    There is a two-month Beginner stage from the moment the account is created. The ranking of Arena in the game is divided into new and veteran players. All players in the Beginner stage compete to obtain Marvel Champions/Shards, so please grasp the Beginner stage. Of course, playing in the Arena is also the process of getting familiar with different Marvel Champions.


    Just remember one thing for newbies: if you are not too rich, don’t buy Crystal that requires Gold Coins, such as Premium Hero Crystal.

    System Gift

    At the beginning of the Marvel Contest Of Champions, there is a beginner’s tutorial to explain and learn how to perform basic operations for players.

    When the game is over, players can enter the competition. Ultimately, it will give you two one-star Champions, the famous Spider-Man and Captain America.

    After the player passes the first level, the system will allow you to draw Crysta for free, which can get two-star to four-star Champions. This is also the first opportunity for players to obtain high-star Champions.

    At the same time, as long as players log in to the Marvel Contest Of Champions every day, they will give you a chance to get Crystal for free. Accumulating Champions is not overnight, but as long as you work hard, there will be rewards.


    MOCO Arena is a way to get Marvel Champions/Shards. Each round consists of 3 battles. It may be a bit boring, but it is still necessary for beginners to fight more. When the player reaches the third level, the Arena will be opened. The Arena has two modes: 1v1 and 3v3.

    The MOCO Arena results ordinary Champions, Fragments, and advanced Champions. In the early stage, players mainly participate in the Arena where they can get everyday Champions, and the game will help you match opponents with the same strength as you.

    In MOCO Arena, Champions who want to get 3 or 4 stars can only get 1%-10% of Arena ranking, but the Champions you use can only be below 3 stars, so players should not think that low-star Champions are useless. Everyone is equal in the Arena.

    Alliance War

    An Alliance is a place where players communicate, and in Alliance, you will also fight other rival Alliances. When you enter the Alliance for the first time, you can get the opportunity to get Champions for free. Simply put, the game will give you a Premium Hero Crystal after joining the Alliance. This may be a welcome ceremony for the new members of the Alliance. Joining a relatively active Alliance is the first step for every Marvel Contest Of Champions player.

    Gold Coin

    Most of the Champions in the game except Alliance are obtained by getting Champion Crystals. In addition to getting a Champion Crystal for free every day, you can spend a lot of gold to buy Premium Hero Crystal to get Premium Champion. Of course, the higher the Champion star, the more powerful it is.

    How to Get Champions?

    First, each Champion is divided into 1-6 stars in the MOCO. Under normal circumstances, 4-star Champions are the main Champions in the early and mid-term. The training of 5- and 6-star Champions requires a lot of advanced materials. They cannot be the leading force for training in the early stage, and you need to transition slowly in the later stage.

    Creating a perfect Champion system should be what every player should do, and rationally arranging the tactical layout of the opening will allow you to avoid detours in the later games.

    In addition, the Marvel Contest Of Champions will launch new Champions every once in a while, and each unique Champion has its special skills, bringing us fresh gameplay.


    To be honest, as an experienced person, the novice experience of this game is average, and the opponent’s AI is relatively stupid, so it is conceivable that the experience will not be good. But the more you play, the more interesting it becomes! So since you choose to play, please experience it for a while!

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