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    The guide to ONE PIECE Bounty Rush characters

    Overview of ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

    Before heading into the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush characters, let’s glance into ONE PIECE Bounty Rush world.

    One of the most beloved Anime series, One Piece, has entered the gaming world with ONE PIECE Bounty Rush. This is a real-time, multiplayer battle game set in One Piece, where players can claim bounties by winning battles. Understanding the characters might appear not easy initially, but that’s where this article comes in! Let’s dive in and elaborate on the details of the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush characters.

    How to play ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

    Before learning the gameplay of the game, we need to download it on our devices first.

    We can download the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Hack. Refer to the tutorial for a free download of ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Hack without jailbreak. If you have Android devices, you can download the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Mod APK according to the tutorial on downloading ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Mod Apk on Android.

    The guide of ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is essential to understanding and mastering its gameplay.

    First, understand the game objective

    The game’s primary objective is accumulating the most treasures by the end of the battle. This is achieved by capturing and holding treasure areas on the map against the opponent team.

    ONE PIECE Bounty Rush characters

    Second, know your role

    There are three roles characters can have: Attackers, Defenders, and Runners.

    • Attackers focus on dealing with enemies and clearing the path.
    • Defenders are designed to capture and hold onto treasure areas.
    • Runners are quick on the map and suitable for capturing treasures across the field.

    Third, master the controls

    ONE PIECE Bounty Rush has a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to move your character and attack/dodge buttons on the right side. There will also be two skill buttons that trigger your character’s unique abilities when ready.

    ONE PIECE Bounty Rush gameplay master the controls

    Fourth, participating in battles

    Battles are 4 on 4 multiplayer matches on a map with five treasure points. Players must capture and hold treasure points until their gauge is complete, adding to the total team score. The team with the higher score at the end of the match wins.

    Fifth, level up and upgrade

    Winning battles and completing events will reward you with fragments and in-game currency that can be used to level up your characters and their skills, making them more powerful.

    The above are the steps for playing ONE PIECE Bounty Rush. In addition, some ONE PIECE Bounty Rush codes are shared in the guide to the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush codes. Let’s try it together.

    ONE PIECE Bounty Rush characters introduction

    ONE PIECE Bounty Rush boasts many characters from the beloved One Piece universe. Each character has unique abilities and roles contributing to the strategy and gameplay. Here, we’ll introduce some notable characters:

    ONE PIECE Bounty Rush characters

    Monkey D. Luffy:

    Luffy is a strong attacker with an impressive reach and multi-hit combos. His exceptional skills, like the Gomu Gomu no Bazooka and the Gomu Gomu no Gatling, are energetic attack moves that cause substantial damage to enemies.

    Roronoa Zoro:

    Zoro is primarily an attacker with longer reach, thanks to his signature three-w sword style. His special attacks like the Three Thousand Worlds and Asura- Wrath of Asura are powerful multi-hit moves, great for crowd control.


    Nami serves the role of a runner in the game. Her unique ability, Tact, allows her to control the weather and attack opponents from a distance. Her skills are a mix of offense and defense, making her versatile in gameplay.


    Known for his navigation skills and ulterior tactics, Usopp is a long-distance attacker who can also serve as a runner. Impact Dial’s unique ability allows him to absorb an enemy’s attack and release it back at them.


    As a prominent fighter, Sanji excels in kick-oriented combat. His unique skill, Diable Jamble, dishes out heavy damage to his enemies. His attacks blend of might and fire, a sight to behold within the game.


    Chopper is primarily a supporter or defender. His unique abilities, like Heavy Point and Guard Point, allow him to attack powerfully or bolster his defenses.


    Robin is a strong, distance fighter who can immobilize enemies. Her unique skills, like Flower- Flower: Clutch and Flower-Flower: Slap, can capture enemies from a safe distance.


    Franky is a defender with a heavily built cyborg body. His powerful robotic skills, like the Franky Radical Beam and the Coup de Boo, can deliver heavy blows to enemies and are great for holding defense points.


    Brook is an attacker known for his speed and duplicitous abilities. His exceptional skills, like Lightning Cut and Lullaby Parry, allow him to attack quickly or temporarily defend by stunning enemies.


    Jinbe is an excellent tank and can absorb a great deal of damage. His Fishman Karate allows for a good mix of offensive and defensive skills.

    There is a tier list for the characters. You can refer to the guide to the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush tier list.

    Final words

    As you explore the game, you’ll have the chance to uncover many more characters from the One Piece universe, each offering unique abilities and different strategic possibilities.

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