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    The guide to Playing Plague Inc game


    Introduction to Plague Inc.

    Plague Inc. is a wildly popular and unique blend of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Developed by Ndemic Creations, this game offers players an intriguing angle to gaming – rather than saving the world or building civilizations, your primary objective is to infect the world with a deadly plague, systematically leading to humanity’s end.

    At the core of Plague Inc. is a profoundly engaging premise decorated with a stunningly realistic simulation that engages the players in tackling a global challenge. This game pushes the boundaries of gaming into education and awareness of scientific and social issues.

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    How to play the Plague Inc game

    The objective of Plague Inc. is straightforward, albeit morbidly captivating. You create and evolve a pathogen to spread it around the globe, with the ultimate goal to wipe out humanity before mankind develops a cure against it.

    Plague Inc game

    The steps to playing Plague Inc. are as follows:

    Choosing your plague

    The game presents a variety of pathogen types, each with different advantages and challenges. You have Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite, Prion, Nano-Virus, and Bio-Weapon. As a beginner, start with a simple Bacteria plague. We can refer to the concrete tips in the Plague Inc strategy.

    Setting up your game

    After choosing your pathogen, the next step is to select the game’s difficulty level: Casual, Normal, or Brutal. Start with ‘Casual’ if you’re a novice to get a good grip on gameplay mechanics.

    You can also name your plague before you begin the game.

    Spreading the plague

    After setting up your game, you choose a starting country for your pathogen. This is a critical strategic decision, considering factors such as climate, population density, wealth, and transit routes.

    The pathogen will begin to spread, infecting humans. You’ll collect DNA points to infect more people and spread to new countries.

    Evolving and adapting

    Your pathogen can evolve by spending DNA points in three main areas: Transmission, Symptoms, and Abilities. Transmission modes influence how your pathogen spreads, while Symptoms determine its effects on humans.

    A critical technique is to balance the virulence and visibility of your disease. Making your pathogen too deadly too soon can cause it to kill its hosts before it can spread further.

    Tackling cure research

    An inevitable part of the game is humanity’s effort to develop a cure against your pathogen. Keep an eye on the cure development progress and adapt accordingly. Evolving drug-resistant abilities can slow down research efforts, buying you more time to spread the infection.

    Wiping out humanity

    You win the game when the last healthy person on earth has been infected and everyone is either infected or dead. As grim as it sounds, that is the core of the gameplay.

    Strategies to win in Plague Inc

    Choose your plague wisely

    Plague Inc. offers several plague types, each providing a unique challenge. Bacteria, for instance, is resilient and easy to transmit-making it an excellent choice for beginners. On the other hand, Bio-Weapon can be pretty challenging due to its highly lethal nature.

    Upgrade and evolve

    Accumulate DNA points as your disease spreads. These points allow you to mutate and upgrade your pathogen, making it more lethal, adding resistance, or boosting transmission methods. Choose the upgrades judiciously, as they can quickly alert the world’s health organizations, which will then start working on a cure.

    Stay stealthy

    Try to keep your disease stealthy for as long as possible. Avoid symptoms that will draw attention or increase the research speed of a cure.

    Don’t underestimate the power of cold and hot countries

    Invest in environmental resistance. Cold and hot countries have different climates that affect how diseases spread. Consider focusing on Cold Resistance if you started in a cold country and vice versa.

    Similar games

    here are some similar games to “Plague Inc” that you might enjoy:

    Rebel Inc.: From the makers of “Plague Inc.”, this game is about insurgency and counter-insurgency, where you need to stabilize a war-torn region while keeping insurgents at bay.

    Zombie Night Terror: This is more of a puzzle-strategy type of game where you manipulate ordinary people to change them into zombies, thus increasing your horde.

    These games should provide a fresh take on the theme of pathogens and strategy. We can download all of them for free from Panda Helper.


    The guide to Playing Plague Inc game FAQs

    A: To start the game, you need to select the type of pathogen, the geographical location of the 'patient zero', and then evolve the disease's transmission strategies, symptoms, and abilities to better infect and kill the global population.
    A: DNA points are the in-game currency that you collect over time and when your disease infects new countries.
    A: You earn DNA points when your disease spreads to new countries and when you successfully evolve your disease. The Biohazard Bubbles, which pop up on the screen, also grant you additional DNA points when popped.
    A: Yes, you can play Plague Inc. offline, as it doesn't require an internet connection to play. However, downloading the game and updates do require an internet connection.


    Plague Inc can be an immensely entertaining game once you understand the key strategies and nuances. Although it may seem daunting initially, mastering this game can provide a satisfying sense of triumph. Let’s try it together.

    Deep dive into Plague Inc. strategy
    The guide to Playing Plague Inc game

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