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    Download NGL anonymous Q&A app: ask what you want to know on Instagram!

    “What type of music do you like recently?” “What type of boys/girls are you interested in?” “What is the one thing you want to do most?” Anonymous Q&A has become popular again in the past two years due to an application called “NGL- anonymous q&a” and has become a new social favorite among teenagers. Without complicated settings or a well-known developer team, the NGL app suddenly became a hit on social media half a year after its launch. Keep reading to know what NGL link is and how the app works.

    NGL app

    Overall introduction

    NGL, short for “NotGonna Lie”, is a unique app that offers an anonymous Q&A service based on Instagram. Released in 2021, the NGL app has gained traction by creating a safe space for people to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions while promoting healthy discourse and respectful communication.

    The app’s main goal is to promote open and honest communication, enhance empathy, and build a supportive community of individuals striving to learn and grow together. Whether it’s a question about relationships, career, mental health, or any other topic, the NGL-anonymous Q&A app provides a judgment-free space where users can ask, answer, and engage with others anonymously.

    How to download NGL – anonymous q&a?

    Now, you can download NGL – an anonymous Q&A app free and fast from Panda Helper, a trusted third-party app market. There are more tweaks, mod games waiting for you to explore, we also offers various stable game tool, such as Cheat Engine, Cloud Save, App Cloner for VIP members. Before download NGL, you should firstly learn how to launch the Panda Helper on your iOS or Android phone.

    How does the NGL app work?

    Anonymity has been a social playground for a long time. Studies have shown that anonymity ensures a certain social safety distance, making users more willing to express themselves. The development team claims that in NGL, all information you receive is guaranteed to remain anonymous. NGL’s mechanism is very simple and does not even require registration. It is very straightforward, providing a tool for generating and receiving anonymous links.

    In fact, you can post your generated NGL anonymous q&a links to TikTok/Facebook/Twitter, or any other social media platforms. Anyone who clicks it can send you anonymous messages.

    How to set up NGL: anonymous message link?

    For users, its function is very similar to the steps of using INS.

    1. Just enter your INS account name in the NGL app to generate an independent NGL.LINK (an anonymous q&a link).

    NGL app, generate anonymous q&a link

    2. Then tap on the button that says “copy link”. It will redirect you to Instagram. You can paste the link into your INS Story.

    Share NGL massage link on INS

    3. When your followers open the link, they will be directed to the text box interface of the NGL app and anonymously send you words” they want to say but dare not say”.

    show the NGL link on INS

    When someone clicks on a link and sends you a message, you’ll be alerted and see the content of the message within INBOX of NGL app, but you won’t know who it is.

    How much it costs?

    NGL is indeed a free product, and the main Q&A feature is completely free. In terms of its in-app purchase, NGL’s designs have always been quite confusing. As a Q&A app, payments are set up by prompting users with information about anonymous questioners.

    NGL realizes anonymous social interaction among acquaintances in an extremely simple way. It does not rely on embedded advertising to make money. Instead, it takes advantage of people’s curiosity about Anonymous and guides users to recharge their membership to unlock tips about Anonymous. And follow different instructions. The standards set out three levels of membership benefits.

    At the bottom of the text box, there is a “Who sent this” button. Pay $10 for a subscription, then you can get tips about the questioner. The prompt only gives a vague tip to help people verify their guesses, such as “a user using an iPhone” or “a user from California”.

    Final Thoughts

    The developer team of NGL hopes to create a safe and fun space for teens where everyone can express personal feelings and opinions without shame. There is no doubt that The NGL-anonymous Q&A is an innovative and unique platform. At the same time, despite the developers’ attempts to block content such as negative energy and violence through some AI mechanisms, because of the diversity of language expression, anonymous socializing still has risks and loopholes.

    Download NGL anonymous Q&A app: ask what you want to know on Instagram!
    NGL - anonymous q&a app review: is NGL Link Anonymous?

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