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    Youtube++ 2021 Cercube iOS Free Download - Panda Helper

    YouTube++ 2021 is the world's most extensive video playing and sharing platform with many users. If you have used YouTube, you must know that YouTube iOS is an app that runs on iPhone/iPad devices, and YouTube++ apk is a mod app that runs on Android.

    Youtube dark mode

    YouTube++ 2021 Overview

    YouTube Premium supports free downloading of videos in 1080p or even higher resolution, video playback and downloading in the background, automatic removal of ads at the beginning of the video, and is available for iOS devices. But to use the YouTube Premium service, you need to pay extra. Obviously, it's impossible to make everyone pay more. Now with Panda Helper, you can download YouTube++ Premium for free on your iOS devices and Android devices for an annual fee and get Premium service for free without jailbreak and PC.

    Panda Helper is one of the top-rated third-party app stores. Apart from YouTube++ 2021, YouTube++ 2022,You can also download massive content of Tweaked Apps and Hacked Games for iOS and Android users.

    The following article will introduce you in detail how to use Youtube iOS, including how to turn off the dark mode of the YouTube app, and how to save Youtube video to camera roll on YouTube++ apk, and finally, how to download it for free using different methods and install YouTube++ 2021 for free.


    How to make Youtube dark mode
    How to save Youtube video to camera roll
    How to get Youtube premium for free 2021
    Install Youtube++ apk download on Android
    How to download YouTube++ IPA on iOS for free
    How to access Youtube music premium for free

    How to make Youtube dark mode?

    Many users have welcomed YouTube since the addition of the dark theme. After all, it is a handy feature, so later Youtube iOS also supports dark mode.

    With that, many users are wondering how to put Youtube dark mode. It is very simple. We take Youtube iOS as an example to show you how to do it in detail. Just follow the steps below, and you will learn to change youtube to dark theme.

    Open YouTube 2021 or YouTube++ 2022 and login to your account, click on your avatar in the upper right corner, go to "Settings" - "General" - "dark theme." Turn on the switch, and you can change youtube to dark theme.

    How to make Youtube dark mode

    So how to turn off dark mode? Yes, that's right, turn the switch off.

    How to turn off dark mode

    How to make Youtube dark mode on Android is similar, so that I won't go over it here.

    How to save Youtube video to camera roll

    We usually choose to watch videos online when we have high-speed Internet access. But in some cases, such as on the subway or airplane, we don't have reliable and stable internet, so it's essential to download and save YouTube videos to your phone or computer in advance so you can watch them anytime.

    If you downloaded YouTube IPA from the App Store, in that case, you would find that you cannot download videos directly, as this is a service available only to YouTube Premium Subscriptions. You can choose to pay for YouTube Premium, or you can choose to download and install YouTube++ IPA from Panda Helper and enjoy the paid feature of downloading videos for free.

    Let me use YouTube++ iOS as an example and give you a detailed demonstration of saving Youtube video to camera roll without paying for YouTube Premium.

    Step 1: Open YouTube++ 2022 and log in to your YouTube++ Cercube account. This account is different from Google's account. Cercube provides the download item service, so you need to follow Cercube's rules to get an account first. Registering an account is free. You don't need to worry.

    Step 2: Select the video you want, click on the button with the three dots, select Cercube (a download icon) in the pop-up menu, then select the video definition (resolution) you want. You will see "Added to downloads".

    How to save Youtube video to camera roll

    Step 3: Click "Download" in the lower right tab. You will see all the videos you are downloading and have already downloaded.

    How to save Youtube video to camera roll 1

    I'm sure you wonder why the downloaded videos are not in the camera roll? Due to the security mechanism of iOS, the downloaded video will only be in the app, not in the camera roll. However, you can still watch the downloaded video offline when you need it, when you don't have internet, and you can even share the downloaded video to other devices via AirDrop!

    How to get Youtube premium for free 2021

    YouTube Premium Subscription offers to paid users more features that free users cannot experience. Still, many users cannot pay for it for various reasons, so they will need to know how to get Youtube premium for free 2021. This approach still works through 2022.

    Youtube++ Cercube is a modified YouTube Premium free hack app that provides hack features that free users need. You need to download Youtube++ Cercube from Panda Helper and install it on your iPhone/iPad to have Youtube++ Premium Features for free right away. What are the benefits of YouTube++? Let's take a closer look.

    Youtube++ Cercube Features:

    - Download any video in any available quality, from 144p to 1080p.

    - View, manage and share downloads in Cercube's download manager

    - Block ads

    - Share downloaded videos with other devices via AirDrop

    - Background playback for streamed and downloaded videos

    Install Youtube++ apk download on Android

    Of course, Youtube++ 2021 supports iOS and has a Youtube++ apk that runs on Android so that Android users can get Youtube premium for free. What about downloading and installing Youtube++ Android?

    Step 1: Launch your browser and access the official Panda Helper Android page, waiting for the page to load, then click "Download" and install Panda Helper.

    Step 2: Launch Panda Helper, search for "YouTube," you will see many YouTube mod apk, select "YouTube Vanced," move to the app info page and start Youtube Vanced apk download.

    Step 3: After installation, you will see Youtube Vanced on your Android Homepage, launch it, and you can enjoy the world of video without the harassment of ads.

    Youtube Vanced apk

    Youtube Vanced apk is a modified version of the official YouTube, Provides:

    - Background Playback

    - Picture in Picture (PiP)

    - Black AMOLED Theme

    - Ads blocking (requires enabling)

    - Override max resolution (allow playback of video with a resolution higher than your screen), and much more!

    Since Google Play does not allow this type of modified apk shown on the store, you can only download it from third-party app markets such as Panda Helper.

    How to download YouTube++ IPA on iOS for free

    Step 1: Launch Safari and access the official Panda Helper webpage, wait for the page to load, and click "Download."

    Step 2: Click the "Download" button next to Free Version on the new page. A new window will appear on the page, prompting you to install the description file. Follow the prompts to install the profile in the setting, then wait for Panda Helper to install on your home screen.

    Step 3: Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Downloaded Profiles to trust the certificate used by Panda Helper.

    Step 4: Open Panda Helper and lease search YouTube++. You will see here Youtube++ Cercube, Youtube++, and other tweaked apps.

    Download YouTube++ Premium on Panda Helper Free 4

    Click the Youtube++ search result and move to the app information page. Here you can learn more about this tweaked app, including its use and notes. Youtube++ supports iOS 14, iOS 15.

    Download YouTube++ Premium on Panda Helper Free 5

    Step 5: Click "Download" to start the download and installation process of Youtube++. After waiting patiently, you can go back to the Home Screen of your iOS device. You will find Youtube++ on your iPhone/iPad in the process of installation.

    Once the installation is finished, please go to Settings->General->Profiles and trust the Youtube++ IPA profile. Then you are ready to launch Youtube++ Cercube. Start enjoying Youtube++ Premium service on your iPhone/iPad for free.

    How to access Youtube music premium for free

    Youtube music is another app produced by Google, is a global trendy music player, aggregates all the popular music in YouTube, the copyright of various stars' big music albums included, supports music one-click search, global music online playback, friends who like to listen to music must not miss Youtube music iOS.

    Similarly, subscribing to Youtube Music Premium offers the additional benefits of offline caching, no ad distractions, and the ability to continue listening to music when the phone is off-screen (playing in the background).

    Panda Helper is available for free as a download for YouTube Music++ iOS, allowing any user to enjoy a service that would otherwise require payment to access.

    To download the app from Panda Helper, you can refer to the How to download YouTube++ IPA on iOS for free.

    YouTube Music++ is available for iOS and Android, of course. You can refer to Install Youtube++ apk download on Android above to download Youtube music mod apk.

    Also, There are some youtube music alternatives, such as Spotify++. You can choose the one that suits you. We'll show you more about Spotify++ in other articles.