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Hungry Shark Evolution cheats and tips

In the content, you can get the Hungry Shark Evolution cheats. Megalodon is the largest and strongest shark in Hungry Shark Evolution. Megalodon does not appear in the list of sharks in the game, it is a secret gift in the game! How do you get the Megalodon in Hungry Shark Evolution? To get it, you need to step through other shark-level work first. By getting higher scores while playing the game, you can fill the upgrade bar of the current shark level and eventually unlock bigger and better sharks.

Hungry Shark Evolution has a progressive system. Players will start with a small reef shark in unfamiliar waters. The key goal is survival: eat as much fish as possible to earn points and coins. Gold creatures deserve more coins! In the early stages of the game, focus on saving coins to buy bigger sharks. The fastest way to succeed in Hungry Shark Evolution is to earn as many coins and gems as possible.

hungry shark evolution cheats

Cheats to get the Megalodon in Hungry Shark Evolution

Players must earn 2000 growth points to access the Magic Shark with 1500 coins. Hammerhead sharks need 3,950 growth points and 6,000 coins. Next, the tiger shark will need 7350 growth points and 15,000 coins. Fan favorite Great White Shark will need 14,500 growth points to unlock and will need to purchase 35,000 coins. Last but not least, the fabulous Megalodon Shark needs 42550 growth points and 50,000.

When you get an oversized shark, you will have another progress bar to end. It will take a huge grade and a lot of time to fill it, but when you do this, you will get the last level of XXL and include a shark: Megalodon. There are 6 shark levels to unlock until you get Megalodon. You can unlock levels by filling in the progress bar in the game. The final layer is an XXL layer containing white. After filling the progress bar in the layer, you can unlock Megalodon with 1500 gems or 400000 coins, and it can only be unlocked after you unlock all other sharks. !!

hungry shark evolution

Megalodon costs 400,000 coins. When the statistics are maximized, Megalodon has 399 speed, 500 bite and 399 boost. You will also get a baby Megalodon pet that can be installed in other sharks. After unlocking Megalodon, you will become the king of the ocean. Megalodon can eat almost anything in the sea, including small mines, jellyfish and other megalodons, and you will get higher scores than ever.

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