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Learn more about Happy Color: online coloring book


Happy Color is an online coloring book and a puzzle game for every adult. This game is dedicated to opening a door to a fantasy world in your boring life through coloring by numbers. Each painting on Happy Color comes from the world’s top artists and creators who love this business and devote themselves to it. They bring you a highly creative and high-quality experience.

Happy Color online coloring


Happy Color is the world’s most popular online color by number game, developed by X-FLOW. Now it is free to download from Panda Helper. The free iOS version is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Featuring more than 20,000 exclusive and free pictures to meet every taste, covering nature, art, sports, cars, fantasy, fashion, interiors, locations, and a wide variety of in-app paid categories!

Coloring has never been easier! All you have to do is select an image, follow the numbers, fill the digital canvas with corresponding colors, and then create a piece of art in no time. Join the supportive and friendly online community on Instagram, happycolor_official, and share your favorite coloring pages with friends and family so everyone can see your beautiful paintings! Happy Color makes your online coloring experience smoother and more fun. Download now, let’s paint by numbers together!

Happy Color pictures

Features of the Happy Color app

Playing the game is easy. It first shows a picture without color but with a series of numbers. Clicking the numbers will change the color of the picture which serves as a guide to where the color should be. It also offers different levels of difficulty, giving players a more challenging experience. When you’re stuck with your coloring progress, it’s time to look for some effective coloring strategies and hints.


  1. Many and varied picture to choose from
  2. Color by number style, easy to play
  3. Helpful hints for hard to find areas
  4. No timer, can stop and start anytime
  5. Automatic save feature
  6. Replay feature for finished pictures


  • Ads are long and frequent, unless you pay for it.
  • Some areas are too small to find.
  • Need to watch ads for help feature.
In-App PurchasesPrice
Remove ads$7.99
Remove banner and interstitial$7.99
Randy the Raccoon pack$1.99
Captain America picture pack$2.99
Spider-Man picture pack$2.99
Invincible Women picture pack$2.99
The Avengers picture pack$2.99
Guardians of the Galaxy pack$2.99
Iron Man picture pack$2.99
Love Stories picture pack$2.99

Download Happy Color on the phone

Feel free to download apps on Panda Helper as it guarantees safety for your device. Launch Panda Helper on your phone, and search for Happy Color. Tap Install to begin the download.

While waiting, you can set up your preferred payment method if you plan on supporting the game or if you consider some in-app purchases.

Is Happy Color allowed for kids?

Although the age rating of the Happy Color mobile game is 12+, there is no harmful content or pictures for kids. You can view Privacy&Policy on the Happy Color website. The online coloring book is also a convenient way to occupy kids’ time without needing to purchase wasteful paper coloring books every time. Showing them the beauty of colors and paintings may inspire their artistic talent.

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Happy Color brightens up lives around the world with colors! This digital coloring book is a part of people’s daily life. Coloring by number is a calming and relaxing experience for people of all ages and all lifestyles. Beautiful pictures and an interesting game, whether you want to relax or simply express your art, Happy Color is a great game for you. The Happy Color Facebook community posts a variety types of pictures every day, and each is a challenge.

FAQs for Happy Color

No. Happy Color online game requires an internet connection to refresh new pictures every day.
Yes. The app does not feature any offensive content or themes that could be harmful to children.
Just tap the "Remove Ads" option in the game settings. It's a one-time payment, costs $7.99.
You need to tap "Share" option that appears below the colored picture upon completion.
Learn more about Happy Color: online coloring book
Ultimate guide to Happy Color journey for adult colorists

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